natural functional medicine

Natural functional medicine is the natural choice for non-acute family care.

Functional medicine, founded in 1991, is evolutionary from conventional chemical medicine, because it promotes health and repair. Functional medicine doctors look for the many potential underlying causes of physical conditions. A good functional medicine doctor examines the core underlying clinical imbalances. Then, optimizing physiology and function can take precedence to symptom suppression.

Dr. Lieberman uses many functional medicine skills in his Beverly Hills chiropractor clinic. He addresses foundational and expansive strategies to find root causes and help the body heal.

As a functional doctor, his systematic approach uses a rational, detailed, evolved way of reasoning and understanding about your condition. He strives to improve your body’s optimal function step-by-step.


[A functional doctor] provides those things that enhance, optimize, and normalize your functioning by balancing your system, rather than treating the symptom.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

Natural Functional Medicine is not the “wait and medicate” model used in today’s standard drug-based practice. Our primary focus is not to suppress symptoms with branded chemicals. The old-school, conventional model of chemical medicine forces reactions in your body with chemical agents called pharmaceuticals. If more people would understand natural functional medicine, acute care medicine would be used only for acute conditions. Then, there would be more utilization of functional medicine methods. Optimizing your level of health through holistic, integrative, natural medicines is our goal.

We Listen to Our Patients.

We begin by spending enough time with you. By listening to you and learning your story, we bring you into the discovery and better recovery process, tailoring your care to your body’s individual, unique needs. We observe the environmental, epigenetic, and lifestyle factors that can influence your long-term wellness, or contribute to triggering chronic disease. Dr. Lieberman continues to help patients as a Beverly Hills chiropractor using functional medicine and many other modalities.

Beverly Hills Chiropractor

In our Beverly Hills chiropractic clinic, we use a natural medicine, patient-centered focus to understand what is contributing to your condition and your symptoms in the first place. Our goal is to properly address your whole body system, not a symptom; your whole body, not a disease. Most people don’t know that this type of care is available.” Dr Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN.

The reason all doctors don’t use functional medicine is because the solutions and treatments are not pharmaceutical. The typical doctor’s training is in pharmaceuticals. As a Beverly Hills chiropractor, Dr. Lieberman uses functional medicine with essential tools for optimal health and healing. Request an appointment for your health and vitality now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

There has been a sharp increase in people with chronic illness. But to prevent chronic disease in the first place, we need the right help, not more drugs.

The current system of medicine practiced by most physicians is an acute care model. Therefore, it suits the short-duration diagnosis and treatment of trauma or illness that needs immediate care.

Most physicians are not adequately trained in functional medicine to assess the potential underlying causes of complex, chronic illnesses. Also, they do not apply clinical nutrition strategies, with daily routines such as diet and supplementation, as prevention or treatment. Surgery or drug therapy training does not include these crucial, functional medicine tools.

There’s a huge gap between current research and how most doctors practice. It takes many years for a drug, or a surgical procedure to establish a safety record. But since functional medicine doctors use natural remedies already regarded as safe, we can use current research, today.

Why Doesn’t The Acute-Care Approach Work For Everything?

The common acute-care approach to medicine lacks the methodology and tools to prevent and treat chronic conditions. For example: rarely do acute care methods assess the unique background of each individual. When the symptoms are the sole focus, suppressing the symptoms is the goal of the care.

Examples: What’s the acute care treatment for Eczema? It’s topical steroids. That’s an acute care drug, so using it for a long time will present problems. What about the acute care for heartburn symptoms? It’s blocking stomach acid with drugs like omeprazole. That’s a temporary fix, but it disregards what may be causing the heartburn symptoms in the first place. And our last example: What’s the acute-care treatment for Irritable bowel, or IBS? Answer: anti-inflammatory drugs which may harm your liver or kidneys. But the problem is never investigating why inflammation is there.

How Else is a Functional Medicine Doctor Different?

A top functional medicine doctor must understand the underlying multiple origins or causes of disease. He applies this knowledge instead of just managing or masking chronic symptoms.

● Patient-centered care: the primary focus in your care is IMPROVING YOUR UNDERLYING CONDITION. Patient-centered focus is very different than fitting you into a disease category, with an unchanging diagnosis. Furthermore, we don’t process you through a high-volume industrial system of insurance, the hospital, or the pharmacy. Our focus is on you, not your prescriptions!

● An integrative, science-based healing approach: A natural functional medicine doctor looks at the roots of your condition. He determines your natural remedies based on current metabolic science. Your level of health is based on a complex web of interactions between physiology (including spinal physiology) and lifestyle. We address the factors that affect your optimal functioning level.

● When a functional doctor reviews your blood test results, he compares them to an optimal condition instead of disease. When you don’t feel well but your blood tests look normal, this strategy helps break through the “doing nothing” stalemate.

How Do You Implement Integrative Medicine?

Integrating traditional diagnostic methods with “integrative medicine.” systems, our focus is on prevention through natural medicine, nutritional cofactors, and lifestyle.

We use leading-edge in-office chiropractic neurology, kinesiology, and the latest lab testing like Cyrex Labs when further tests are needed. Recommendations include functional herbal therapy (FHT) whole plant or whole food supplements, diet, weight loss, integrative chiropractic, or stress-management techniques.