A 42 year old truck driver living in Los Angeles presented to me for a natural treatment approach for his rheumatoid arthritis, (our office is in Beverly Hills). His right elbow was most apparently affected from the rheumatoid arthritis, as it remained flexed at about 30 degrees on his attempt at full extension.

His rheumatoid arthritis condition began when he was 7 years old. He had tried many conventional treatments during his lifetime. He mentioned that he had previously tried prescriptions including prednisone, or meticorten, but his results were only temporary, his elbow became deformed anyway, and there were many side effects from the medicines he tried.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

He was referred by a good friend of his who knows about the natural treatments that I use in my practice. I was happy to take-him-on as a patient because he was very willing to follow my directions, and was so grateful for my help.

My initial evaluation with him revealed that he needed the following natural functional medicine supplementation to be added to his diet:Glutathione Recycler: 4/day, Betaine Hydrochloride: 3/day, and EPA Relief: 2/day. These unique natural functional medicine supplements can be ordered by clicking on the 3 links in this paragraph.

After 20 days of working he came back to Los Angeles and was very happy to return for a follow-up. He was already noticing great improvement regarding his rheumatoid arthritis. His pain had decreased substantially. He had started noticing some itching of his skin, around his elbow, low back and foot. There was some swelling and itching of his skin at his elbow. It was not red.

We looked into the next level of increasing his health on a functional level and his evaluation revealed that he needed one more natural functional medicine supplement called Cyruta-Plus. at 4/day, initially. The other natural medicine supplements were also adjusted to his present need. He needed less! Next we would evaluate vitamin D, as recent research has shown an association with low levels and rheumatoid arthritis activity.

Rheumatiod Remission

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, I thought it was important to let you know that there are natural treatments that can really help your body’s condition. Natural protocols come from doctors in practice who share their success stories. The above protocol can safely be followed by anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, as long as there are no specific reasons you would not take these, as your natural medicine doctor can tell. If you have access to the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area, you can call for your own consultation.

Imagine the possibilities. We were able to uncover the hidden reasons why he had these symptoms in the first place, with the in-office, non-invasive, “muscle testing” that we do. We were able to address those causes of his rheumatoid arthritis symptoms with completely natural functional medicine supplements, made from foods, which have no side effects.

This is great news. These natural remedies do not interfere with any chemical medicines whatsoever and are not drugs. They are not a treatment for the disease of rheumatoid arthritis, but are a support to the natural functions of the body that may be compromised in people suffering with rheumatoid arthritis.

In other words, we didn’t focus on the disease and the symptoms to reveal his natural cures. Instead, we focused on the better functioning of his own body, and with better function there will be less need for symptoms and dysfunction. When we uncover and address the causes, there is no reason why the degenerative process of the disease should continue.

We use a remarkably different approach to the person with rheumatoid arthritis than any conventional type of care. Conventional care is really only looking at sickness and disease as a group of symptoms that has to be blocked. That approach fails, so we do things differently.

We find that when you unblock your healing potential, the rest falls into place very well. Call my office in Beverly Hills to get on the right path for your condition: whether you have rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmunity, or a chronic disease where conventional medical treatments have failed you when you were looking for help.