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SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) is being diagnosed more often now, in Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills. The conventional medical treatment for SIBO is a short-sighted roller coaster ride of antibiotics; on and off, until you eventually need them again because you are not better.

Do you wonder if that kind of treatment could have prolonged side effects, or if there is anything missing from that kind of treatment of SIBO? Does an alternative, integrative doctor have a better solution for the patient with SIBO?

Integrative Care

Let’s define integrative care. Integrative means that we integrate the many aspects of what your body needs instead of just treating a symptom. All your body parts and systems are considered and integrated into your integrative care. Integrative care will not sacrifice one of your body systems in order to “cure” another, as is often the case in conventional treatment of SIBO.

Integrative care is a holistic system. It requires face to face time with your integrative doctor. We understand that multiple body systems can play a role in a condition like SIBO.

Your whole body participates in how you arrived at your present condition in the first place. We integrate aspects from your other body systems that may be contributing to the symptoms you have, and may influence your path to success, or failure when it comes to SIBO treatment. We don’t sacrifice any other function of your body for the sake of “treatment.”

Integrative does not mean including additional pharmaceuticals to the ones you’ve already taken. An otherwise holistic, or natural functional medicine system is complete in itself. Beware of specialists that want you to believe that “integrative” means including pharmaceuticals; it doesn’t.

Still bloated? Excess gas, constipation, or diarrhea, or all of these? SIBO requires at least 3 aspects of physiological support when considering how your body functions. Using antibiotics as the sole treatment only just touches on one of them. It is incomplete care.

Doctor with Integrative SIBO Program

When you have already tried antibiotics, and they were unsuccessful for you, you can benefit from what we do. We will be able to address the other necessary aspects of why you got SIBO in the first place, and why your previous treatments with only antibiotics have failed.

When you come under my care, after having followed other medical protocols, you will get an integrative program to help your body better overcome SIBO. However, don’t come to us with a SIBO diagnosis, but having never taken the advice of any other doctors. If you never followed any other doctors’ advice, why would you follow my advice? We will help your body after that phase of your care is already done.

Without addressing the many aspects of SIBO, the standard SIBO treatment will ultimately fail in a majority of cases, and you will wonder when the roller coaster of antibiotics and bloating will ever end.

Much like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), SIBO takes some time for your body to overcome, but the potentially great results your entire body could experience would be worth every bit of the time and effort! Contact us today to get started.