chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue

There are hundreds of reasons why you might be experiencing chronic fatigue. The problem with conventional chronic fatigue treatment is that doctors take an overly simplistic approach for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. What is this simplistic approach? It’s the “one cause, one cure” approach.

Adrenal Fatigue

A good chronic fatigue specialist in Los Angeles, should be able to detect the multiple sources of adrenal fatigue. Do “decreased energy” and “low energy” mean adrenal fatigue? Can adrenal fatigue be linked to the needs of other organs in your body? Is adrenal fatigue solely a problem with the adrenals? This all is part of the investigation about decreased energy, low energy, or energy depletion in your body.

Adrenal fatigue can be the result of a complex web of numerous factors related to sleep problems. It is not simply that you have adrenal fatigue, insomnia, or subclinical hypothyroidism. Furthermore, it’s not as simple as low iron intake, a history of mononucleosis, or not getting enough exercise and movement. It can be all of these, or more.

Chronic Fatigue Specialist

For you to have a truly successful chronic fatigue treatment experience, your chronic fatigue specialist must have a big picture. The evaluation system must be able to uncover the immune component as well as the other components. There are multiple causes of the chronic fatigue condition. Chronic fatigue (cf) is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (me/cfs). That means it could involve brain function too. We evaluate a possible piece of the me/cfs condition, i.e., the overlooked mtbi, mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion syndrome. It is common to completely forget, or even know that you ever had a “mild traumatic brain injury” (concussion).

Notice that I called chronic fatigue a “condition,” but not a “disease.” That’s important. When chronic fatigue is labeled as a disease, doctors attempt to temporarily abate the symptoms via temporarily-acting acute-care drugs. But that’s just a temporary solution. My process is step-by-step, with a lasting solution goal.

Think of all the years of wasted research-time in attempts to invent a man-made chemical (drug) that temporarily covers-up symptoms. That’s not only a waste of time, but also a tremendous waste of research money (like wasted cancer research money). Instead, we need to investigate the underlying conditions of your own body experiencing the tiredness. A good chronic fatigue doctor will make the necessary corrections, with your body systems. For example, we use foods, food concentrate supplements and herbal extracts, as some of our tools. This aspect of your care is called applied clinical nutrition.

With chronic fatigue you might have many areas of your body where energy is “leaking-out.”

Let’s say that there were a way to reveal if there were multiple stress-points throughout your body systems. Additionally, let’s say they were playing a role in overwhelming your body’s main controlling system; your brain and nervous system. Do you think such knowledge would be important for a chronic fatigue doctor? The answer is yes!

We want to investigate all the possible sources of drowsiness, sleepiness, tiredness, energy loss, or energy depletion in your body. Investigating these is exactly what we do in Beverly Hills. Think of your body like a tire, with multiple pin-holes where air escapes. I think you can agree that with fatigue you might have many areas of your body where energy is “leaking-out.” If not, then why do you have a lack of energy in the first place?

Of course fatigue has something to do with energy. Energy is produced from food, not drugs. If you expend more energy than you produce, you better find the way to stop the leaks first, before you attempt to expend more energy. Likewise, putting more water in a bucket with lots of leaks isn’t going to help if you want to use the water later.

First, we reveal the major areas where your energy is “leaking-out.” Then, we make the necessary corrections in your body so that your energy balance starts getting better. This is the starting point for people with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) and chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome (cfids).

Multiple Body System Investigation

There can be many areas of your body where a subtle energy drainage is present. There is subtle net energy over-use, or underproduction, yet the cumulative effect is significant. Therefore, your doctor has to follow a systematic sequential approach to reveal these areas, in order to make the appropriate corrections. This step-by-step process requires repetition. You must follow through with multiple assessments to uncover the reasons why you have such low energy levels.

There are two conditions that need to be ruled-out (make sure you don’t have them) before starting on any nutritional program for fatigue: sleep apnea, and anemia. If you have either of these, you will have fatigue. We must address those two conditions first. When you decide to make an appointment with us, we will do our best to find the roots of those conditions too.

At this point you should have a deeper understanding of what it takes to help your energy. With this new understanding comes the last point I must stress. With chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) aka chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome (cfids), you need a good chronic fatigue doctor. Have patience, and follow the step-by-step system to reveal the many areas of your body that need attention. Remember, it is too simple to just call it “adrenal fatigue.” If you try to solve this complex puzzle on your own, or don’t follow-through to the next visits, you could expect to take up to ten years to accomplish only half of what we could probably accomplish together within just a few months.