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If you have already done a lot of homework about autoimmunity or leaky gut, you know there’s a relationship between autoimmunity and leaky gut syndrome, and the many associated symptoms such as food sensitivity, allergies, or bloating.

You’ve likely been told that you don’t have celiac disease (an autoimmune disease), and that you should stop looking into the relationship of gluten (or other foods) to your symptoms.

So, chances are you have been mislead, and dissuaded from finding the right path to feeling better, all from well-meaning doctors who simply don’t know how to detect, or treat your leaky gut, (there’s no medical treatment) whether it manifests as an autoimmune disease or not.

Autoimmunity Tests

Doctors who mean well, but know so little about autoimmunity may say food choices and diet don’t affect your symptoms. That’s Nonsense. Gluten reactivity or cross-reactivity is still possible, even without a celiac disease diagnosis.

Autoimmune Triggers

Here’s a simple do-it-yourself investigation about your autoimmune triggers. Do you eat perfectly shaped pieces of processed meat, processed chicken, or processed fish? Examples are chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and imitation crab. If you do, be aware of feeling a lot worse within a few days of eating those things. Do you? This may not be an immediate reaction. You’ll have to wait up to 8 days to see how you feel; not an easy task.

Do you have unpredictable food reactions? Unpredictable abdominal swelling and bloating? Increasing frequency of food sensitivity? Aches, pains, or swelling throughout your body? Frequent bloating and abdominal distention after eating? If some answers are yes, then we have to understand that your body’s reaction to food is of primary concern. Additionally, we have to correctly assess if you have leaky gut (leaky gut syndrome). If leaky gut is present, we have to take the correct actions regarding your condition. This is not a time for a do-it-yourself strategy. There are many aspects to leaky gut. For a doctor to say that what you eat has nothing to do with your symptoms is really an insult to your intelligence.

Blood tests to check for autoimmunity, leaky gut and food sensitivity

There are relatively new blood tests to check for autoimmunity, leaky gut and food sensitivity. I can order these tests for you when you are under my care. When we want extensive immune reaction tests, there’s one laboratory that does them, but only the doctor can order them. Cyrex Labs is still considered relatively new, so there is no insurance coverage to reimburse you for the costs. But this is ok. If insurance were to ever get between you and these tests, it would probably triple the cost.

Allow yourself to accept this fact: there are blood tests (from Cyrex Labs) that your doctors don’t know anything about. Not having these newer diagnostic tests at his, or her disposal, your doctor might even suggest surgery before all the contributing factors about your true autoimmune condition are really discovered. Doctors would only know about these newer lab tests if they were studying leading-edge scientific literature about autoimmunity. This is not common.

Non-Lab guidance and natural treatment with Autoimmunity and Leaky gut

It generally takes decades before medical practice catches-up with the scientific forefront. That means the research being published today won’t reach your medicine cabinet for at least another 20 years. However, you don’t have to wait. We use nutrition response testing—time-tested, non-invasive, in-office tests—that can help indicate what would be the most helpful strategy to promote healing. You can know more about the nature of your autoimmunity, where it comes from, what it affects in you (like leaky gut, autoimmune thyroid, ADD, neurodegeneration, brain fog), and the most important thing of all: what we can do to help you. Natural treatment means no drugs, nothing harmful, only health promoting.

autoimmunity, leaky gut

Autoimmunity is not the same as autoimmune disease

Since autoimmunity is not a disease yet (not enough tissue destruction yet), there are no prescriptions available to treat autoimmunity. Therefore, your doctor will have no treatments (prescriptions) with which to help you. They could only try to cover your symptoms, but your underlying condition would remain the same.

We don’t have that limitation in Beverly Hills because we can use functional medicine natural treatment and helpful dietary choices. We never need to rely on symptom-numbing drugs, or surgery to help you.

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You found this article out of hundreds of thousands on the Internet. Allow yourself to take action today. This is your wake-up call. Under my care, you don’t have to wait anymore to protect yourself from autoimmune and leaky gut complications. We can even start without blood tests. You can avert disease, prevent disease in the first place, and take control over your own health.