back pain

If you have large breasts and back pain, or your large-breasted friend says she has back pain caused by large breasts, and either of you are considering breast reduction as a treatment for back pain, then read this, and save yourself from post-surgical grief.

First, let’s be clear about the causes of back pain. Whether it is lower back pain from large breasts, or upper back pain from heavy breasts. When something can “cause” back pain all by itself, that’s a big problem.

Large Breasts and Back Pain

Most of the time, back pain does not fall into the category of “one cause, one cure.” This point is important! There are plenty of women with larger breasts than you who don’t have any back pain. Lasting back pain is usually caused by several factors at the same time. If you have one factor, like heavy breasts, but without any of the other contributing factors, you don’t feel pain. But when you have two factors together, you get the back pain. So is your back pain caused by top-heavy weight? Sure, your breasts and top-heavy weight are part of the picture—they are one factor, but without some other component contributing to your condition, you probably won’t feel pain!

Imagine that a stabilization muscle related to your back wasn’t getting the right message from your brain, to respond immediately when it was needed (something we fix at my office all the time). Put that factor together with large breasts and all you have to do is move to get back pain. Imagine that one of your organs was experiencing a deficiency of nutritional co-factors needed for a high level of function. Put that together with heavy breasts and you could feel back pain.

Should large breasted women in Los Angeles expect to have back pain?

Whether you have lower back pain due to large breasts, or upper back pain from large breasts, your back pain is really due to a unique mix of your heavy breasts and at least one other necessary and overlooked factor at the same time. Only a holistic expert doctor can know how to find and correct the combination of factors that are uniquely causing your upper back pain, or lower back pain. Correcting the causes (what we do) is a thousand times easier and less expensive than having breast reduction surgery to lower the weight of your breasts.

Back pain from large breasts needs expert help. Your kind of back pain needs more than do-it-yourself strategies. The purpose of this article is to let you know that we can help you, now.

Choose the Right Expert Doctor

To fully solve the puzzle of what really causes the connection of your large breast size to back pain, you need the right help. Imagine a non-invasive holistic evaluation to discover what is really causing your back pain. Yes, this is possible. We perform a detailed expert evaluation for your back pain. We discover what you really need to have corrected. When the surgeons are selling you surgery, protect yourself from the surgeons! Come to Beverly Hills instead.

Get our expert evaluation. Don’t go for surgery. Follow our safe, non-invasive, simple step-by-step plan to fully eliminate your back pain.

The causes of back pain

Did a breast reduction surgeon tell you that your back pain is just due to the heavy weight of your breasts? Really? That’s an overly simple opinion. Stand up for yourself. Get our expert second opinion.

Do you think you need to lose fat? Don’t let a surgeon cut into your breasts just because you think it might be a convenient way to lose fat. It’s not. We could also help you with impossible weight loss after weight gain.

Lose your back pain without surgery. Choose Non-Invasive, First. Breast reduction surgery to treat back pain is not simple, or beautiful. Protect yourself from breast reduction surgeons, We have the safest and best non-invasive alternative to breast reduction treatment for back pain.

There is an easier way to stop pain. Did you know that back pain can even be related to food allergies? What if you just need a simple supplement for hormonal imbalance? Surgery doesn’t help that at all. You want a simpler, more effective, beautiful, holistic, health-supporting, non-surgical solution. Protect yourself. Make your appointment, today.