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Chiropractic is a unique discipline that emphasizes restoring the body’s inherent, potential recuperative power to heal from within without using drugs or surgery. When you want natural integrative medicine, you want an integrative chiropractor.

Dr. Lieberman helps healing happen by using integrative holistic methods and lifestyle modifications while integrating the relationship of your brain, spine, and nervous system with all functions of your body. Together, all of these strategies are paramount to being a well-respected Beverly Hills chiropractor.

Integrative Medicine: Integrative Chiropractor

Integrative chiropractors start with understanding your health history to address your needs better. Non-invasive diagnostics include: feeling the spine by hand, kinesiology, muscle testing, flexibility, stability, and balance testing. Also, we order traditional and specialized blood tests to help you. A great chiropractor can correctly evaluate and understand your specific needs. Then, he can make the proper corrections that you require. Your integrative chiropractor can help you understand the best healthy choices for your lifestyle. Integrative medicine doctors don’t rely on covering symptoms, like in crisis care and disease management.

Impulse Adjusting Technique

Chiropractors correct the spine with a chiropractic adjustment or spinal alignment, which may be done in different ways. Sometimes it includes lightly tapping the spine; applying a directed movement with the spinal bones. Tapping on the spine with a chiropractic tapping device called an activator, arthrostim, or impulse adjusting instrument is a way to adjust the spine. Dr. Lieberman uses various, gentle, holistic and integrative methods, including the impulse adjusting technique.


A “subluxation” [Sub-lux-ay`-shun] is an overwhelm response by your body from either physical (mechanical), biochemical (environment, foods), or emotional stress. A malfunctioning vertebra (spinal bone) results from that reaction and is associated with nerve irritation. Nerve irritation is the key. Therefore, reducing it is the way to help you.

Why may a subluxation (malfunctioning vertebra with associated nerve irritation) have far-reaching effects throughout the rest of your body? Because your nervous system (the master controlling system of the human body) reaches all of your body’s organs and tissues. Since there is an intimate relationship between the nervous system and the spinal vertebrae, a malfunctioning spinal vertebrae would negatively influence your nerves and your body.

The subluxation, or spinal malfunction, may result from multiple causes —but it also causes widespread problems and nerve irritation. Identifying and adjusting them are necessary to reduce and eliminate their repercussions! One of the primary advantages of going to a chiropractor is reducing and eliminating your “subluxations.” Integrative chiropractors will also determine the causes of the subluxation, and Dr. Lieberman has excellence in that field.

Dr. Lieberman sets himself apart with these strategies as a master, integrative, holistic Beverly Hills chiropractor. He has an artisan ability to identify and correct the many possible causes of spinal subluxations—to restore wellness. Dr. Lieberman’s integrative Beverly Hills chiropractor skills get to the causes, not just the symptoms! Request an appointment for your health and vitality now.