Why can’t you lose fat? Just like most overweight people in Los Angeles who struggle with reducing fat, there are many reasons. Here are the top facts you should know about losing fat:
1. You can more easily lose fat, and keep the fat off, when your body has acomplished some core healing of the weakest areas of your health. These areas of weaknes or stress can be anywhere from your brain to your feet. It might seem unrelated to fat loss or losing fat, but when you come under our care you will discover a lot.

It’s hard to lose fat when you are not well. You lose fat easier as you become healthy. Becoming more healthy is our plan for you. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll let you know right now that fat loss bores me. I’m not looking for people who want to lose fat fast before the next occasion comes up. I’m looking to discover and help the core reasons you have too much fat in the first place, work on those core things and see the fat start to disappear.

2. The best weight loss doctors will first address your body’s health priorities. This will give you the best jump-start you could have. We’ve seen great success here in Beverly Hills, even after as little as two weeks.

3. The quickest way for you to find out what your body’s individual health priorities really are, is with a natural functional medicine doctor who fully understands the complexities of your body systems. In Beverly Hills we use a holistic system of nutritional kinesiology. You need a logical, competant, clinical nutrition approach to make losing fat easier for you. Other programs for weight loss are generally just caloric restriction and crazy exercise routines. Those fat-loss programs are likely to send you into the yo-yo of temporary weight loss (not fat loss), followed by lasting weight gain.

4. You can never safely lose fat by trying to starve yourself of fat calories. Get the low-fat, starvation idea out of your mind. You can’t continue to starve yourself of fat and enjoy a healthy life. By starving yourself except for non-fat, high carbohydrate foods, you crave food more, and you more easily lose bone and end up losing muscle mass, not fat. You don’t want your muscles to shrink; it makes losing fat much harder. Never starve! And unless we are incorporating intermittent fasting, that includes not skipping breakfast!

Continuously skipping breakfast and eating too much fruit are two of the worst things you can do if you want to have fat loss in Los Angeles.

5. Stomach Surgery is not a safe treatment for fat loss. Surgery for fat loss is an extreme gimmick with the serious long-term health consequences of chronic starvation that are worse than the problems of being fat.

6. Once your body is healthy enough to lose fat, only a slight modification of your lifestyle choices will push you into fat loss. On our program that we design for you, when you get to the point of being more healthy, fat loss becomes easier than ever before.

Never drink diet soft drinks, or use artificial sugar substitutes to avoid calories. People who drink diet soda are all fat! When a drink is labeled as “diet” something, it means you will have to go on a weight-loss diet after you drink it! Non-caloric artificial sweeteners make you fat by altering an your body’s response to sugars, altering your body’s bacterial balance, and making you crave other sweet foods. Give-up on diet drinks, for good. Never drink that stuff, unless you like being fat and overweight.

7. For lasting fat loss you can NEVER burn off carbohydrate calories that you have already eaten. Exercise is a crutch that never works for losing fat. You can never catch-up for overindulgence of food with extreme exercise.

8. If you have failed with fat loss before, you must work with a drugless natural doctor who understands all the above principles and can put them into a comprehensive, structured, individualized, purification and fat loss program for you.

9. Trying to do this all on your own without the help of a natural fat reduction specialist will most likely lead to more failures, just like others experience in Los Angeles. If your doctor doesn’t give you concrete strategies to lose fat, you need a new doctor. We will guide you all the way.

10. You will most easily be able to lose fat when your body is good and ready, based on the above principles. You don’t lose fat to become healthy, you lose fat WHEN you become healthy. Becoming healthy requires that you eat healthy fats: not canola or soy oil.

When you are serious about losing fat, by gaining health , and realize that the above fat facts make it necessary for you to seek our help, you can call our office. If you are not serious about fat reduction, don’t call. But if you are, request your appointment today.