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Natural medicine is your whole plant medicine alternative to symptom-management drugs. It includes food concentrates or extracts of foods that knowledgeable doctors can clinically use as herbal medicine.

Whole plant medicine contains the full spectrum of phytochemicals, naturally occurring plant chemicals available in the plant. These include beneficial plant compounds like endocannabinoids, polyphenols, and flavonoids. Your natural clinical nutrition doctor uses whole plant oils such as CBD oil. High-grade oils or extracts of medicinal plants may contain cannabinoids like CBD, terpenes, triterpenes, alkylamines, curcuminoids, or other naturally occurring therapeutic compounds found in medicinal herbs.

The key in whole plant medicine is the full spectrum of available phytonutrients (plant nutrients), not just an isolated chemical (an isolate) derived from a plant.

Heal with Natural Medicine

Can a pill containing a combination of foods be your medicine? Drugs are never food. Food is never a drug, but food in clinical potency can be your medicine. You can let food be thy medicine, just as Hippocrates said. My patients use foods as medicines, but our care is not diet alone! Clinically, we use concentrates of foods and whole herb extracts from plants, total extracts of plant parts, like just the roots. These are not isolates because the full complement of nutritional compounds found in the roots is available in the extract, not just a single aspect.

Our herbal medicines are vegetarian whole-food concentrates or plant medicine. Yet, extracts from whole foods don’t always have to be from plants. Some valuable extracts can also come from the animal kingdom, containing extracts from various tissues found in the animal kingdom. When we do our in-office holistic evaluation for you, we will be able to determine the best natural formulas for your specific needs.

Herbal Medicine Doctor with Whole Plant Medicine

Holistic chiropractors use whole food medicine and whole plant medicine with all the specialized chiropractic testing methods and techniques that make chiropractic doctors unique. When you notice you are doing better, you won’t need to manage your symptoms as much with conventional chemical drugs. Then, with your medical doctor’s OK, you could reduce your current medications or finally eliminate your chemical medicines!

Clinical nutrition is not about covering a symptom but helping your body systems function more optimally to reduce symptoms. Dr. Lieberman incorporates these factors in natural medicine for healing at his Beverly Hills chiropractor clinic. Request an appointment for your health and vitality now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for knowing which natural medicine to prescribe?

When you come to our Beverly Hills chiropractor clinic, you get a detailed exam and only receive the herbal medicine or whole food concentrates you need, based on our clinical examination. We use a systematic, holistic evaluation method that gives us great insight into what your body needs right now to help bring you to a higher level of health.

The big picture of your health is what we see, through your personal health history, our systematic method and traditional testing methods like blood tests. We can construct an effective holistic, chiropractic, and clinical nutrition program for you.

Why does natural medicine work for some but not for others?

Your success depends on how closely you follow the natural medicine practitioner’s recommendations and your discipline to follow through. So, not only does it depend on the skills of the natural medicine doctor, but it also depends on you.

Do you have to “believe” in natural medicine in order for it to work?

No, but you should believe in any medicine system enough to follow the doctor’s directions. Otherwise, it will not work for you, no matter what system is used; conventional, or alternative.

When patients do not believe a medicine will work, they might not take it as directed, thereby “showing the world” that it doesn’t work. This could be the reason why it might not work for you either. Your actions are the key. The same requirement applies to any system of medicine.