260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212


260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Dr. Lieberman uses a natural medicine method of integrative chiropractic kinesiology with an individualized design. He combines many modalities in his unique style, delivering high-class services.

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Whole Body Cures – Look & Feel Your Best

Holistic Chiropractor

Holistic Chiropractic

The goal is to identify and correct the many possible components of your whole body's health puzzle.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Your integrative chiropractor can help you choose the best healthy choices to empower your lifestyle.



Our goal for you is not to test a muscle's strength but to observe the neural control of your muscles.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

A functional doctor's goal is to promote healthy growth and repair in your body instead of symptoms suppression.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is not just about diet alone. It is not about how many calories you eat at breakfast, nor is it about being on a weight loss diet. Clinical nutrition is a specialty.

Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine

Ideally, you would want your allergist to consider environmental toxins that might be affecting you.

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

Whole plant or herbal medicine contains the full spectrum of phytochemicals available in the plant.

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Experience Holistic Health Empowerment

Holistic means that the parts can be interconnected, and Dr. Lieberman has used various tactics for optimal health and healing over many years. He strives to understand your condition in the context of your whole body and whole person, not just isolated symptoms. 
As Dr. Lieberman is a top-notch Beverly Hills chiropractor, he uniquely specializes in holistic, alternative, and integrative modalities. Dynamics give attention to the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and other situations.
He helps you increase your health potential with many modalities and guides you in the healing process.
The individual approach with Dr. Lieberman is a designed holistic health empowerment program because no one is the same as you! Request an Appointment

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Specialized Services

At a deeper level, Dr. Lieberman’s holistic chiropractor skills will help identify the causes and what positive actions and treatments are used for the body to heal. Some topics for transformation include:

Holistic Chiropractic  ● Integrative Medicine● Kinesiology Functional MedicineClinical NutritionEnvironmental Medicine● Natural Medicine

Instead of a sickness-care doctor for acute pills and five minutes in an appointment, Dr. Lieberman gives more time as an integrative, holistic chiropractor for long-term wellness. He uses natural medicine methods to increase and empower your health from your current levels. Our Beverly Hills chiropractor improves your wellness and fitness level! Embrace this opportunity for your life and well-being.

Dr. Lieberman: The Process


We start with your health history and evaluating your whole body: your starting point for your optimal health program.


You get a detailed evaluation of your current wellness level from a holistic doctor —your holistic chiropractor.


We check how close you are to your optimal potential. That's different than how close you are to disease.


Your holistic doctor helps you get from your starting point, to a more optimal level of wellness!


Why Patients Love Us

Integrative medicine

David Hanley

"I've been to a lot of holistic healing operations along with traditional chiropractors and this is the best dr. I've come across. Things are not rushed here and the whole body is fully taken into consideration. Dr. Lieberman comes across as completely focused on you with the intention of delivering you to your optimal health level."

Holistic Nutritionist Los Angeles

Holly H.

"Basically, when I came here I was suffering with severe tiredness and fatigue, and depression, and seemed to be gaining weight for no reason for over a year. After: Just in the past month since I've been coming here I've lost about 7 pounds, and I'm not tired anymore. I'm sleeping more reasonable hours. It's easier to get out of bed in the morning, and I can't remember the last time I felt depressed!"

Natural medicine in Beverly Hills

Reynaldo Rey

“My blood pressure was always high to very high. In addition, my energy level was very low. I also had pain in my knees upon bending down or squatting.better blood pressure better energy After only a month of treatment with Dr. Lieberman, my blood pressure is now normal. Also, my energy level is highly improved, and I don't have pain in my legs and knees anymore."


Einat Ronen

"After going through Dr. Barry Lieberman's program for a little over 2 months, my skin has improved dramatically. great skinMy skin is almost back to completely normal. The psoriasis that I was plagued with is gone. My hands look normal again and I no longer have to hide my ears, neck, and arms. I also feel healthier in general. I was told my condition would never go away, but it has, and I'm so thankful."

Functional medicine in Los Angeles

Lynn Swygert

"I had chest discomfort often and could not sleep at night …for 7 months. Even though I had been totally medically examined and was taking lots of medicine for a long time there was no difference—and I had struggled with that. After I saw Dr. Lieberman, finally I became normal. After I met with him 5 times and got treatment, I felt no chest discomfort and I could have a sound sleep. I am so happy and thankful!!!"


Dr. Barry's Experience

Dr. Barry Lieberman proudly accepted the award for Best Chiropractor in Los Angeles 2022 by Expertise.com. Being named such an esteemed title recognizes his holistic approach and devotion to excellence, demonstrating that his 30-plus-year work for patients is in safe and experienced hands.

Known as the artisan of healing, Dr. Lieberman is a holistic chiropractor providing expert-level knowledge on holistic healing, natural functional medicine, nutrition, lifestyle topics, and other skills. His articles are informed by years of research and his personal practice experience. Explore Dr. Lieberman's work today as he provides exciting health, wellness, and prevention perspectives you won't find elsewhere!

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How To Find Us

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