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chiropractor beverly hills Your health can be beautiful again. Holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N. will help you make it possible. Holistic means he will understand your condition in the context of your whole body; not just isolated symptoms.
Your level of wellness and how well you feel are his main focus for you. With his trusted, proven, natural, functional medicine system (integrative medicine, alternative medicine method) you get one of the best holistic doctors/ alternative medicine doctors / nutritionist doctors / kinesiology doctors in Los Angeles, available at any price.
Unblock Your Healing Potential
For your most important health concerns, and optimal lifestyle goals, you have finally found one of the best holistic chiropractors in Beverly Hills. He helps you increase your own optimal health potential, in Los Angeles.
Escape from the "disease care" delivery system!
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Dr. Lieberman uses a unique natural medicine method; an integrative chiropractic kinesiology, and nutrition response testing combination —individually designed for you. Get the help you need now with his comprehensive holistic method. Experience true, lifestyle empowering, optimal health.
"Functional Medicine
    is 21st Century Medicine"
        – Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

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How Do You Achieve Optimal Health?hope
Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC ACN
Holistic Chiropractor,
Beverly Hills
Los Angeles, CA
Optimal health, or "wellness" has nothing to do with the crisis care delivered in a hospital, or a typical recovery facility. The following two definitions of wellness have nothing to do with initial symptoms, or disease:
WELLNESS: "The intentional choices made in a lifestyle characterized by personal responsibility, self-control, and maximum personal enhancement of physical, emotional, and spiritual health."
"Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making lifestyle decisions and priorities for a more balanced, fulfilling life."
The default definition of "health" has been demoted to a mere lack of disease.
Most people view wellness through a false medical belief, as what you would have if you didn't have established disease; i.e., you're "healthy" or "well" just because you're not "sick," but true wellness is an action by choice—a way you do things.
Achieving optimal health requires "intentional choice," where you decide to make better choices in your day-to-day activities.
Using an optimal health plan to improve your health is "wellness". Starting an integrative holistic medicine / clinical nutrition program with a holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills, or periodically visiting your holistic chiropractor in Los Angeles who uses functional medicine, is an optimal health plan. Wellness is something you do! Starting a holistic weight loss program it is an optimal health plan - an action of wellness. Choosing to eat organically grown foods, instead of genetically mutated organisms (GMOs), it is a wellness plan. Going to a Los Angeles holistic chiropractor, or holistic nutritionist in Los Angeles helps you make better lifestyle decisions - intentional choices for optimal health. menu

Holistic Chiropractor Beverly Hills

We start your own holistic optimal health program by evaluating your whole body: your starting point for your optimal health program. You get a full evaluation of your current wellness level interviews of Dr. Liebermanfrom a holistic doctor —your holistic chiropractor. We check how close you are to your optimal potential. That's very different than how close you are to disease. Of course, a regular doctor would evaluate for signs of disease, and that's a different kind of exam, but if you have already had that kind of exam go to your holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills—your holistic doctor in Los Angeles—to get from your starting point, to a more optimal level of wellness! 310-282-8882
Holistic Alternative Medicine Los Angeles
In alternative medicine, or holistic natural medicine, we know that natural wellness is never measured by lack of disease. Wellness is not, for example, a lack of indigestion. That's like defining the achievements of champion athletes by how close they were to failure. How useless! Go to an integrative chiropractor in Los Angeles who can measure and improve your level of health!
Use an Integrative medicine, holistic chiropractor for long-term wellness, but a sickness-care doctor for acute sickness. Your holistic chiropractor, is an expert in holistic alternative medicine: kinesiology, natural medicine and functional medicine. These natural medicine methods can increase your level of wellness from any current level, to help you empower your lifestyle potential.
Integrative Doctor
Your holistic chiropractor is not just a nutrition specialist or nutritionist. Your holistic chiropractor is a doctor. He's doesn't limit his practice as a spine only chiropractor might do. He is an expert in kinesiology (muscle testing), and addresses your spine and organs systematically. Your holistic chiropractor addresses the nutritional, structural, and emotional components of your health that can affect your level of optimal health, and dampen your lifestyle. At a deeper level than a nutritionist, your holistic chiropractor will help you identify what positive actions you need to take. To help you build greater wellness and reach your full lifestyle potential, he might include alternative medicine, holistic healing, decreasing environmental toxins (environmental medicine), whole body nutrition, preventive detection, functional medicine nutrition supplementation, integrative chiropractic techniques, or holistic weight loss.
Implement these actions of wellness consistently and persistently. The journey will be part of the fun!
Optimal health is a lifestyle of choices!
Join me in Beverly Hills, to practice wellness today!
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Your own qualities and your uniqueness are just as individual as your own health needs.
Your individually designed holistic health empowerment program will not be the same as someone else’s because no one is the same as you!
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