When you are looking for the best holistic allergist for food allergies, there are some things you should consider. There may be other factors in the food allergy pathway that bring on allergies. Will the allergist be testing for toxin exposure, like to mold, metals, perfumes, dyes, plastics? Typically, food allergy testing, or food sensitivity testing, does not consider these toxins.

Holistic Allergist

Ideally, you would want a holistic allergist to consider environmental toxins as well as food allergies. Many food intolerances, or “adverse reactions,” can be triggered by non-food toxin exposures. So, the symptoms may not even be classified as food allergies, but can mimic food allergies. Examples are: itching skin, eczema, skin outbreaks, brain fog, bloating after meals, indigestion, headaches, asthma, or migraines.

Food Allergy Testing

We start with an allergy testing method that is non-invasive and comfortable. We have an effective holistic method of kinesiology testing to help investigate the roots of your allergies or allergy-like symptoms. This unique applied kinesiology testing method is not a blood test. There are no needles. It helps us narrow and expand the field of what needs investigation. However, we may order specialized allergy blood tests after your second visit, such as the food allergy tests available through Cyrex Labs. The Cyrex tests can check for immune intolerance to foods. There are also cellular food sensitivity tests. “LRA by ELISA/ACT testing is a cell culture done on a sample of whole blood.

Allergy Testing

Conventional blood tests and skin allergy testing can miss many factors. Kinesiology allergy testing—as we do, can be much more sensitive for you. That’s why we always start with kinesiology testing. We check for the most common health barriers, some of which are not included in the tests a Beverly Hills allergist performs.

Natural allergist?

What about food allergy treatment? A natural allergist would not prescribe drugs that mask the allergy symptoms. People diagnosed with asthma typically get a steroid inhalant prescription. That’s not the only way to treat asthma. A holistic approach looks at other factors contributing to asthma. Topical steroid treatment for eczema also has potential problems, such as TSW (topical steroid withdrawal). Wouldn’t it be best to get natural allergy treatment solutions?

Integrative Food Allergy Treatment

What is integrative allergy treatment? An integrative allergist would look at the different body systems involved with the allergy. Sequentially, we use nutrition and natural remedies as the treatment. We never use drugs. It’s a process of rebuilding, detoxifying, and fortifying. Our health optimization program is natural. It is an alternative to toxic anti-allergy treatment.

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