Radio Interview with Dr. Lieberman

A Workable Mental Health System

Psychiatry would prefer to say or imply that only brain-based, mental "illnesses" can affect irrational behavior or thinking, that the patients are incurable, and need long-term, if not life-long care. These falsehoods have been so successfully disseminated throughout the mental health system and among the public, that countless numbers of people have become trapped as lifelong patients of psychiatric and psychological services. People are being misdiagnosed and harmed to an astonishing degree. Many of them do not have psychiatric problems but exhibit physical symptoms that may mimic mental conditions, and so they are misdiagnosed, put on drugs, put in institutions, and sent into a limbo from which they may never return.

This week's Watchdog

Radio show guest is Dr. Barry Lieberman

, an integrative chiropractor who is helping individuals to potentially uncover their underlying physical conditions and returning them to optimal health.
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