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Wellness and Optimum Health

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Wellness: Achieving Optimal Healthhope
Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC ACN
Holistic Chiropractor,
Beverly Hills
, CA
Optimal health, has nothing to do with crisis care, acute symptoms, or disease.
"Wellness" is a lifestyle of intentional choices, personal responsibility, and self-control, to maximize personal enhancement of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
Wellness is an active, lifelong awareness about making priorities for a more balanced, fulfilling life.
Is wellness the same as not having a disease? Are you "healthy" or "well" just because you're not "sick?" That's a false medical belief. True wellness requires doing things.
The default definition of "health" has been demoted to a mere lack of disease.
Achieving optimal health requires "intentional choice," where you decide to make better choices in your day-to-day activities.
Wellness is doing something. Start by going to a holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills, (holistic doctor) who can help you make better health decisions - intentional choices for optimal health.
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