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Weight Gain

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Crack the Impossible Weight Loss Mystery

Is weight loss impossible for you? Do you have weight gain on a low calorie diet? Have you had difficulty losing weight that doesn’t even make sense? Could you eat one green pea in the morning and still gain weight?
Everything you have ever done, including high intensity exercise, or long hours exercising, fasting, low carb, keto, intermittent fasting, and total starvation just never worked, right? Ready to crack the impossible weight loss puzzle?

Your First Step to Crack the Weight Gain Mystery

Throw-out the idea of calories in to calories out. It doesn’t work! Next, forget starving yourself. It doesn’t work! And finally, your blood tests always show nothing, but that doesn’t matter either.

Your metabolism is controlled by thyroid hormone function. It doesn’t matter if your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is always within the lab range. That doesn’t mean anything. There are 8 other lab markers for your thyroid hormones and we will order them for you. The cost (which you pay directly to the lab) is somewhere in the $90 range for the complete thyroid panel. If you want to see if you can get those tests for any less, good luck. It’s an excellent price. Let me order them for you when you become my patient.

Lab Tests Are A Key

There are just a few other lab tests that we would need to get the picture to solve your impossible weight loss mystery. One of them is called fasting insulin. Even if you have been told you do not have type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t matter. This test tells us what we need to know.

Step by step, with our help, your excess weight will be able to reset back to normal. No drugs or surgery are ever needed for this goal.


The Case of Impossible Weight Loss

The answer to the impossible case of weight gain with difficulty losing weight is right around the corner. We use natural medicines, not pharmaceuticals or crazy speed drugs. Modifications to your diet will not be extreme. If you are dedicated, and are willing to make the effort to chart a course that could take at least 6 weeks to get going, call me to schedule an appointment. Your first visit is your detailed history and evaluation. We will order the blood tests for you at that time. When you come back, for your second visit, we will get you started.

I’ve never liked weight loss treatment before because it never worked, or the results were just short-term, but I have the big picture understanding now, and I can guide you. Let’s get cracking!