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woman with her hands on her head and eye clossed with the background moving in circles because she feels dizzy

Is there such a thing as a vertigo doctor or a vertigo specialist?

I had experienced vertigo many years ago. I remember how the room would spin if I tilted my head back at all. It was very scary. I went to my own chiropractor (a colleague of mine) and got adjustments.

I distinctly remember one chiropractic adjustment that made my vertigo temporarily worse. It felt like it was adjusted the wrong way, but I also knew that my other chiropractic adjustments were right for me, and were my only hope, back then, of getting past that debilitating vertigo. I couldn't work while I had vertigo, so I needed a real solution as fast as possible.

I got daily chiropractic adjustments during that time. I knew the solution would not be immediate, but I was anxiously patient. Thankfully, it only took a few days for the symptoms to wane, and then the vertigo didn't come back. By experience, you will need more than one visit to help you, too.


Alternatives For Vertigo Treatment Or Dizziness

Most people think you would have to see a neurologist, or have a doctor prescribe some kind of drug that would stop the vertigo, but that is not the case. Vertigo has causes, just like any other symptom. The key is to have an investigative chiropractor who will assess the causes of vertigo correctly, and arrive at your solution. That's the opposite of just treating the vertigo with a powerful chemical prescription that you can't even take for long, because it is so dangerous.

Vertigo can be experienced at different levels by different people. Some people have vertigo that makes it impossible to have a normal day; like when it feels as if the room is spinning. Others just can't enjoy certain activities, like driving, fast movements (motion sickness), or just standing up due to dizziness. Dizziness or feeling lightheaded may have some similar roots to vertigo, but is a different condition. Dizziness or feeling lightheaded is less complex than vertigo, but dizziness, or feeling lightheaded, also has many possible causes that need the proper evaluation by an experienced chiropractor. Dizziness is often associated with adrenal fatigue, and needs the evaluation of an investigative, integrative chiropractor.

  • Causes of vertigo

    The causes of vertigo may be numerous. It could be a problem in the vestibular system of the inner ear, or problems elsewhere, affecting that inner-ear system. Did you get that? Problems elsewhere affecting your balance system: an important point. This could mean a separate area of the brain called the cerebellum is involved, but just because you have a symptom like vertigo, it doesn't mean your problem has its origin in your head.
    Vertigo or dizziness can be related to a deficiency of essential nutrient-cofactors needed by your brain, or elsewhere in your body. If this is the case, you can see why going to a neurologist (they have zero training in essential nutrient-cofactors), or seeking a drug to stop the symptoms could be completely worthless. There is no drug that can substitute for sufficient nutrition to your brain.

  • What to do next?

    You have to consult with a chiropractic doctor who understands that vertigo, dizziness, feeling lightheaded, motion sickness, a balance disorder, each may have many causes. The doctor must be able to assess these causative factors and address them correctly. This doctor had better be a holistic chiropractor, who will be able to address the mechanical and functional neurology causes of vertigo, or dizziness, as well as the specific nutrient-cofactor components that are necessary for your wellbeing.
    I am located in Beverly Hills. Your next step is to contact us for your consultation. Do this today. Your vertigo can resolve much faster with the right guidance and treatment.