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Migraines: What To Do When Nothing Else Works

The underlying conditions that contribute to migraines go undetected in virtually every case of migraines, yet they are the keys for becoming migraine-free. The many potential reasons contributing to migraines may elude medical tests because there is no single diagnostic test for migraines.

There are many potential components that could be contributing to a migraine. These cofactors need to be investigated by a holistic, functional medicine chiropractor willing to take a multiple-causes approach to your treatment. Conventional migraine-treatment doesn't address these contributing cofactors because any one of them would not be treatable with a drug, surgery, or radiation.

When some contributing factor in your body would usually be ignored instead of investigated, it would require a doctor to have specific training for detecting the issue; like detecting suboptimal movement of a vertebra in your neck, which may go undetected for years. This is not a conventional practice: it's an alternative method using natural remedies for the treatment.

I know you've never heard of this before. That's OK, neither has your doctor. Your first thought might be that some kind of sub-optimal function has nothing to do with you, but if you dismiss having these important factors evaluated, you put yourself at risk of outsmarting your own chance of stopping your migraines.

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Migraine symptoms vary. Some migraines have a visual disturbance that precedes a headache, others may include nausea or fatigue. Your current doctor is primarily concerned with your pain and with treating your other symptoms, but not the mechanisms of how this condition came about in the first place. We want to investigate the subtle underlying conditions, which are not on your doctor's radar screen. Your doctor might even dismiss our subtle findings as unimportant, because the doctor's primary concern is treating pain and symptoms.


Migraine Specialist Los Angeles

My own clinical experience has shown that the reasons for headaches with a visual disturbance, nausea, fatigue, or other associated migraine symptoms is a combination of underlying contributing factors. It is not just one thing. These reasons for migraines are what we investigate in Los Angeles.

Your brain, spine, nervous system, and the organs of your body are likely associated with your migraines. We reveal the connections, and solve the puzzle.

Via studying kinesiology patterns of your body, a state of sub-optimal physiology can be mapped-out. The sequential testing of muscle responses does not require stress, needles, shocks, or muscle strain. It is totally non-invasive, so you will have a comfortable experience here in Beverly Hills.

Your best migraine doctor is one who truly understands what is going on in your whole body, instead of just temporarily chasing away headaches. Your key for lasting migraine relief requires a holistic methodology. Call us to use our powerful method. Allow your own healing potential to re-ignite within you, and set you free.

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