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Crohn's Disease

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Is There a Doctor Who Addresses Multiple Causes to Reverse Disease?

To reverse disease you need the help of a doctor with a unique integrative strategy that very few doctors practice.

On a daily basis we get misinformed about the nature of disease. Each day, the drug commercials tell us that your symptoms are your real problem, and that your condition, is caused by your symptoms. But that's backwards! Most people never catch this subtle lie, but your condition can not be caused by your symptoms! Your symptoms are the result, not the cause.

When they tell you that your problems stem from your symptoms, they are trying to trick you into becoming a consumer of their drugs. The deceit is so effective, they trick the doctors too.

Believing their misinformation stops you from ever seeking to reverse disease

"Ask your doctor about [their drug]" or "talk to your doctor about [their drug]" is their sales pitch. It bypasses the questions of adequate testing, or if their medicines are meant to be permanent, lifetime prescriptions, eventually leading to polypharmacy. The misinformation repeated in these messages is meant to sell more drugs. They never mention the true causes of your condition; the causes that their drugs can not help.

Symptoms labeled as a "disorder," like "Adult ADD" are mislabeled as the cause. It misdirects you to temporarily "managing" your chronic symptoms, regardless of how your symptoms got there in the first place. The true causes of your symptoms never receive the proper deductive investigation and reasoning by the rare type of qualified doctor, who would dare to look for the multiple causes of your underlying condition.

The true causes of your symptoms never receive the proper deductive investigation and reasoning by the rare type of qualified doctor, who would dare to look for the multiple causes of your underlying condition.


Functional Medicine Approach

If something in you resonates with the feeling that merely covering symptoms is a huge problem, then you and I are in agreement. They say there is nothing else you can do? I don't think so! The most dis-empowering thing you can believe is that there is nothing you can do to better your well-being. It is one of the 3 most dangerous medical beliefs.

Of course there is something you can do, but it is not so simple. The problem is that you've never heard of the "multiple-causes-model," or reversing disease. Why? Because the multiple-causes-model to reverse disease is not good for big pharma sales. Therefore, reversing disease is not mainstream, nor used in a conventional early-detection early-diagnosis system.

  • Commercials make us believe there's nothing else to do for our health

    Can you see the problem with believing those commercial messages? Do you already believe that there is no way to reverse disease, or prevent the progression of disease? Do you believe that reversing disease is out of the question? When the commercials repeatedly push that belief on the public, it sells more drugs that can only temporarily mask symptoms.
    Their false innuendo is that there's nothing else you can do.

  • Covering-over symptoms will suffer further health decline

    In time, people following this path of covering-over symptoms will suffer further health decline, until new, different symptoms appear. Then, with this "wait until you have a disease" model of conventional disease-symptom management (with no interest about how disease first starts), new drugs are prescribed to manage the new symptoms that pop-up later. The kicker is that the new symptoms will likely be tied directly to the first disease progression that was never addressed properly. Following their beliefs would drop your level of health into a downward spiral –toward a further health decline, leading to more disease, and more of their drugs to cover-up more symptoms.
    A classic example is a person who takes medicine to lower cholesterol, but the reasons for the elevated cholesterol were never investigated. Another example is the person who takes antacids, while the true causes of indigestion never get considered. This is important: Each person hides their symptoms with the medications, but the underlying problem is still there.
    Since the causes of disease were never correctly addressed in the first place, the real issues were never healed.
    Even though the warning signals/symptoms were turned off (symptom relief only), there is an active, underlying disease process that has never been given enough attention for proper healing.

  • One Cause, One Cure?

    Unfortunately, ingrained in mainstream medical belief (and likely your beliefs) is the notion that there is really just a single cause for any single condition. If you believe this idea, then you fit well into the target market for all those drug commercials, which tell you that your problem is your symptom, and to take their drugs, based on your symptom for the rest of your life! The "one-cause, one-cure" idea is a false medical belief system, and will only get in the way of you making a more comprehensive decision regarding the type of care and level of health you will accept. If you would rather limit yourself to the rigid notion that your condition has only one cause, and there is only one cure, you are better-off going to a conventional doctor.
    The presence of an underlying disease process is what brings you to your your current, less-than-optimal, level of health—symptoms or not. The idea that there is only one cause, and one magic treatment for cancer, ADD, postpartum depression, indigestion, scoliosis, heart disease, obesity, bladder control, thyroid problems, insomnia, fibromyalgia, IBS, or chronic back pain is a dangerous medical belief. If you are taking a drug to block your symptoms regarding any of these, or various other symptoms, like chronic fatigue, you are covering your symptoms without ever healing the root causes of disease. You can not reverse disease if your doctor never investigates the true causes of disease.

  • Considering the root, underlying causes of disease

    What if there were multiple factors at play for any particular health challenge you may have? Then why would the drug manufacturers never guide you to address the underlying multiple causes responsible for the symptom in the fist place? Here's why: some day you would not need their medications anymore– because you got well by healing the multiple causes. It is just a less profitable pharmaceutical business model.
    With the "multiple causes" model that I use in Beverly Hills, we look for more than one factor that can simultaneously be contributing directly to the problems you are facing. That means we're looking for more than one cause, for your current condition. We focus on improving the many basic functions of your body instead of just stopping symptoms.
    Imagine (hypothetically of course) that your child has a progressive disease like scoliosis, but you only want to address her relatively minor, temporary symptom: like her current headache. What kind of decision is that? It is short-sighted and foolish. Don't you want a chance to reverse disease?

    Don't limit your doctor to the role of a technician in managing a temporary symptom when he could help with a progressive disease. This is your chance to go beyond the limits of conventional medical treatment. You are still reading, so you must be interested in healing, instead of just stopping minor symptoms.

    There are several basic categories of underlying conditions that we address for any particular health, wellness, or lifestyle issue. If your condition is worsening, or if other treatments have already failed, it is because there are multiple, simultaneous factors that have not been correctly correlated. When other doctors treat only one of a group of simultaneous factors that affect your health, it will always eventually lead to clinical mediocrity. That's not acceptable for me. How about you?

  • Functional medicine treatment in Beverly Hills with Barry Lieberman

    When you come to my office in Beverly Hills, we check for multiple simultaneous factors that could be the causes of your problems. As the treatment is functional medicine we do not use any chemical medicines to cover symptoms, but may require the use of certain specialized naturopathic, homeopathic, herbal or whole food supplements, (not "vitamins"). When indicated, these functional nutrition supplements are required as building-blocks for restoring your health.
    Restoring health is the only way to reverse disease. Anything else is just covering symptoms.
    In other words, if any of your multiple body systems or organs are not optimally functioning, we will find out three things: 1. Which ones are not resilient to stress.2. What multiple factors are causing them to be that way.3. What functional medicine will help your body make the correction it needs to increase your level of health.
    The target for correction is which areas of your body are contributing to your current condition. Functional medicines contain the building blocks for your body, to help reverse disease by improving your current condition. Regaining wellness is a rebuilding process—that's why we call them building blocks.
    When you start the rebuilding process, to reverse disease, it is the opposite of disease progression. That's why this functional medicine support is one of the most important things for your body, and why you need to take them as directed. When they are clinically indicated, you can't just leave them out of your recommended program. This is a multple-causes-method—far superior to mere symptom management.

If you understand this new idea in medicine, and can see that it goes far beyond what medicine (as it is still practiced today) has to offer, then congratulations. Call to get started.