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Breast Cancer Prevention

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New Hope for Women: Before/After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer prevention is not the same as breast cancer cancer detection. Let's focus on breast cancer prevention. Here's an opportunity to learn more about what we can do to prevent breast cancer in the first place, or increase the chance of a successful long-term remission after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our focus will be on prevention since cancer treatment is not cancer prevention.


A Supportive, Complementary Plan

We want acceptable survival statistics for women diagnosed with breast cancer, but conventional breast cancer treatment still has far to go. Cancer treatment depends on the currently hijacked field (which needs new direction) of conventional cancer research. However, if we combine a conventional treatment plan with a supportive, complementary plan, or adjunct cancer care, we can have new hope, for women with breast cancer.

  • Define your goals

    In any complementary regimen, it is essential that you define your goals, including a realistic time line. Are the goals for your complementary care only symptom and comfort oriented? Do you want an additional, and alternative treatment of cancer (fighting the disease on more fronts) to destroy the tumor, or the cancer itself? In other words, do you want your complementary care to be an alternative treatment of disease? Or, as an amendment or adjunct care, do you want a supportive complementary care, to focus on addressing the underlying internal environment and conditions in your body that may be contributing to why your body developed breast cancer in the first place?

  • Be realistic with your goals

    Will you start right away, or will you wait for chemo or radiation to be over? See: Surviving Radiation Therapy Los Angeles. Are you going to make this decision on your own? Why would you make this decision alone, without an appropriate alternative second opinion? You must have good reasons for when you should start. What kind of lifestyle change will you need? Will you accept professional guidance outside of your oncologist or surgeon? With your supportive alternative care, will there be signs that you are on the right path? How soon can those signs be expected? Your complementary care specialist should have concrete answers to these questions!

  • Nutrition is critical to your health

    Nutrition has a role to play, not simply in the primary prevention of cancer, but also in the prevention of cancer recurrence, which is of utmost importance in determining survival.
    Which nutritional regimen, homeopathy, or herbs would be right for you? Do you think antioxidants are all that you need? Should you take shitake mushroom because of its known anticancer components? Should you avoid white sugar, or take iodine (Lugol's, Iodoral)? How can you know what to take, with certainty without being professionally evaluated and guided? If chemical toxicity, or vitamin D insufficiency might be part of your problem, when is that addressed? How fast should you detoxify and purify? This is not a time for guessing and doing it yourself! Your complementary care specialist should know these answers!

We use a very well structured alternative system of complementary analysis that has a long track record for helping women who have experienced many types of illnesses – from postpartum depression to breast cancer – even though it is not a type of “ anticancer treatment” or an alternative "treatment" for breast cancer itself.


An Alternative Holistic System

The key point about this alternative holistic system is that it is a way to bring proper attention to the whole body; instead of just focusing on the tissue of the breasts. Focusing on only one body region at the exclusion of other regions is something that conventional medicine already does very well. The purpose of this holistic system that we use here in Beverly Hills - Los Angeles – called Nutrition Response Testing – is to bring the rest of your body into focus, and wherever necessary, reveal and strengthen what your body needs strengthened –with natural medicine– aka functional nutrition, and functional medicine.

The concept that breast cancer is a problem of only the breasts is a very limiting assumption – which has never been proven. Cancer has a systemic component –the whole body is affected in one way or another. Analogously, when stressed, a rusty metal chain breaks at its weakest link: that's where the chain breaks. Do you think all the other rusty links are really unaffected by the rust? The rust and the broken link are signs that something has affected the entire chain – like an illness affecting your entire body. Our goal with Nutrition Response Testing is to reveal all of the weakest links of your body and address the multiple causes of why they became weak in the first place – ultimately to make your whole body stronger. This is the best prevention, anywhere!

Women can be strong enough to survive – and have a better recovery – after some very destructive, but often recommended chemical medicine like chemotherapy, or radiation treatment. To tip the scales more in favor of your better recovery, and a successful, long-term remission. Women having a history of breast cancer have the highest known risk of developing a new breast cancer. This is probably because the factors operating in the development of the first cancer are still operating in the development of a second. You want to prevent recurrence, and experience a better quality of life– the key is including the right complement to your chemical medicine. What we can call an integrative immunotherapy, or Adjunct cancer care in Los Angeles is the new hope for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Let our place of hope be yours too. Contact us today.