If your new doctor tells you any of these dangerous medical beliefs, please leave the clinic as soon as possible. Say “thanks for your opinion,” smile, get up from your seat, pay and leave. Here are the three most dangerous medical beliefs:

  • It’s genetic
  • It’s permanent and there’s nothing else you can do
  • It’s all in your head

Don’t make friends with the doctor’s staff or make another appointment on the way out, but be glad. Be thankful that you knew these warning signals in advance of personally experiencing some serious harm. It’s time to get a doctor’s second opinion before taking their advice.

These are serious recommendations. Remember that if you already have a good relationship with your doctor, you would not hear such nonsense. However, in today’s world of insurance company lists of whom you are “allowed” to see, things are different. You may want to find a doctor-healer who can risk taking the time to discover more about your lifestyle choices. He could truly examine where your problem has its origins and causes: like we do here in Beverly Hills.

Genetic determinism

These three most dangerous medical beliefs are all just opinions; myths. None of them can be proven as fact. Did you know that an extremely low percentage of diseases have been proven to be truly genetic in origin? Certainly most cancer does not have genetic origins. When you hear the words, “it’s genetic,” without any genomic details, it is merely an excuse. The doctor passes-off a flawed medical belief onto you, to make you a “believer” too. You becone a “good patient,” but you give up the hope that you can do anything to affect your health. That flawed medical belief system is called “genetic determinism.”

Genetic determinism is the doctrine that all human health is determined by DNA and cannot be changed by your choices. This dangerous medical belief is evident in a doctor who would say: “it’s in your genes,” or “it’s genetic.” On the contrary, the field of “epigenetics” disproves the mythical belief of genetic determinism. It debunks the idea that bad genes and bad DNA are yours, and can’t be overcome. “It’s Genetic” is usually just a doctor’s admission of failure in solving your case

It’s permanent, and there’s nothing else you can do?

The idea of permanency is usually (there are exceptions) also a medical myth, subtly promulgated by “big pharma” advertisements. This is where you are exposed to the belief that taking their medications for your whole life is OK. Along with this is the belief that your body can never regain its own ability to function without their medication. Although I do not recommend cessation of using prescription medicines without first consulting your doctors to work out a cessation plan, these beliefs are myths. In order to believe these myths, one has to go against the evidence that by nature, the human body is self-healing and self-regulating, when given the chance.

It’s all in your head?

Lastly, and the most dangerous of them all, especially when combined with the first two dangerous medical beliefs, is the belief that “it’s all in your head.”

If you ever hear a doctor tell you something that can be interpreted as “it’s all in your head,” or psychosomatic, run; do not walk, out of that office and find the qualified alternative second opinion of a holistic integrative doctor as soon as possible.

Did you know that there are many chronic conditions where there are doctors who believe it is a psychiatric case? Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmunity to name a few.

It’s all in your head? Nonsense. I recommend getting a physical exam like we do here in Beverly Hills. Don’t rely on a doctor who just uses a questionnaire or just an interview for a psychiatric diagnosis. Seek the advice of a licensed health practitioner who is familiar with alternatives to medicine, such as nutritional therapeutics (both assessment and treatment).

Qualified opinion

Most medical doctors do not have a sufficient background in these types of approaches to give you a qualified opinion, so it will be necessary to find yourself a holistic chiropractor whose practice integrates clinical nutrition and functional medicine. Other alternatives can also include a naturopathic doctor, or an acupuncturist to fulfill your quest for an alternative integrative doctor. A doctor who has never formally studied clinical nutrition is not qualified to give you any intelligent opinion about clinical nutrition.

The most dangerous medical beliefs

When you are faced with a doctor who wants you to believe the most dangerous medical beliefs, seeking an alternative doctor’s second opinion can save your life. Protect yourself from the false medical beliefs that could destroy your health. Make the best choice for your own health needs by calling us today to set up your first appointment.

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