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Protect Your Kids From Chronic Disease

Dr Barry Lieberman DC, ACN Prevention of Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease affects at least 43 percent of US children's health (JAPA) and at least 45 percent of Americans (JAMA). The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics defines a chronic condition as lasting three months or more, but that number doesn't include autoimmunity, which is now estimated to affect 1 in 9 women and 1 in 12 men. Information from Medicinenet says that chronic diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, and they don't just disappear.
"An estimated 43% of US children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed" *(journ. academic pediatrics association)

Prevention and Family Health:

You have to take alternative action. These statistics predict that if you only rely on the current protocols of industrialized medicine in trying to prevent chronic disease in your kids, you start-off with a disadvantage of about 50 percent! Is that statistic acceptable for you and your family?
Not Truly Genetic: Your Family Has Choices for Prevention
The outdated perception in conventional industrialized medicine is that DNA is the ultimate controlling factor of our body's functions: all function being reduced down to this basic component. Enabled by technology, medical research looks microscopically at tiny pieces of our bodies—trying to gain access to what might be the elusive controlling factor of disease itself, DNA—at least in theory.
In fact, very few chronic diseases are currently proven as truly genetic in nature, or inherited, as are hemophilia and Tay-Sachs disease. Many chronic diseases are currently mislabeled as "genetic," but they are not truly genetic. New research demonstrates that our genes respond to their environment. The environment around your genes—your genes' cellular environment—can make your genes react. One of the cornerstones of the natural medicine system is the concept that lifestyle choices influence your own internal environment. Your lifestyle choices can prevent chronic disease.
"Creating health is the most powerful medication that I have for treating most chronic diseases"
- Terry Wahls, M.D., professor of medicine Univ. of Iowa
Staff Physician Iowa City V.A. Hospital
Within the natural medicine system, we use a more expanded and comprehensive view of health and disease. Natural medicine is largely practiced by integrative chiropractors, and other licensed health practitioners. In the natural medicine system, the emphasis is on preventive choices. We acknowledge the interrelationship between your body systems, and their integration by your brain and nervous system: the holistic "big picture."
Do you think you can get every nutrient you need from your food supply,
without supplementing?
Due to genetically modified foods being put into our food supply behind our backs, wholesome choices may not be easily available. Our food supply is getting ruined. This is a huge problem. We should do everything we can to stop this intrusion of genetically foreign material, into our own food chain. Protect yourself and your children from the possibility of new genetically-based diseases. Refuse these genetically mutated foods.
Domino Effect
shadow In the natural medicine system, disease is viewed as a response to many possible factors, but we focus on the causes of the disease, not just the symptoms of the disease. We use our non-invasive early detection methods and address the multiple causes of chronic disease before it develops. This is how to prevent chronic diseases. With the right doctor's help there would be no more reason for the disease to progress, or persist.
When stacked dominoes fall, the domino representing disease is the last one, not the first. Chronic disease is a response to other factors. When the chronic disease domino falls, the problem is not that it has fallen, but why the first domino became off-balance in the first place. True prevention is about the first domino, not the last.
Lifestyle Choices: Choose the Type of Care that Serves Your Family Best
Conventional medicine is excellent at crisis care: addressing and labeling the last fallen domino –making the diagnosis, but statistically, we know it is dismal at prevention. That's why more than 43%, of children have chronic illness! Using the

natural medicine system

becomes necessary for you and your family. It gives you and your family a better chance to do better than the nation’s statistics for chronic disease. For your family’s health and prevention, now you can make more informed choices for the type of care you need, to prevent chronic disease in your family.
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