What is your purpose when praying for speedy recovery, or saying a ‘mishebeirach’ prayer (me-sheh-bay-rahk)? What is the “how” in your prayer for the ill person? How can it manifest? What is an acceptable path for you in this return to health? Have you ever thought of your prayer so specifically? Are you praying for a miracle cure? An additional option with cancer treatment? Are you praying for a spontaneous, or immediate healing for a chronic disease? Must a rebuilding and return to health be exclusively by divine intervention? Are you praying for anything possible that will come about to help with healing?

Mi (Me), in Hebrew means: He who…, or who. Berach (bay-rakh) is a form of the word, “blessing,” i.e., blesses. He who blesses…

Receiving Answers

I think it is a good idea to clarify the possibilities for the “how” of your prayers. Then, you can answer the following question: Are you OK with an answer to your prayer that comes though human form? In other words, are you OK if your prayers for speedy recovery were to be answered through simply meeting the right person who could help more than you ever dreamed? Must the answer to your misheberach prayer be by direct intervention from G-d, or can it be through a messenger of some kind? Can your prayer be answered indirectly? Is it possible that your prayer includes being lead to your answer; to your healer, or to a key decision?

G-d has given us all the natural herbs, foods and resources of the earth. It is up to mankind to uncover their healing properties, and for doctors like me to figure out how to use them for healing.

Does prayer do the healing, or can prayer bring the healing? If your prayer outcome is not so strict as to exclude anything but direct, divine intervention, how can you know if you are being tested, conned, or led to the truth when something comes your way (or the way of the person for whom you are praying)? Use your intuition. Try allowing yourself to not let the critically programmed portion of your brain get in your way. Allow the possibility of what presents itself to sink in, before you might reflexively push it away.

Hope in praying for speedy recovery

Are your prayers for hope? Sometimes it is impossible to “know” if something will be right or not. Does the unconventional methodology that presents itself to you make any logical sense? What do your feelings and insights tell you about this possibility? Will it cause any harm to follow this path, or to act on this “new possibility” that has come to your attention?

There’s an old Hippocratic saying: “First, do no harm.” Use that as a guide. Also, recall and recognize that the Lord works in mysterious ways, often and most likely through the established laws of the universe. However, remember that the more we think we already know, the less the unknown has a chance to reveal itself, and inadvertently, the less you may allow divine intervention to come to fruition, in whatever form it may take.

Have you lost hope? Ask yourself why you are so convinced that there is nothing else that can be done. You may find that you have placed the opinions of doctors on par with godly revelations, but the language of the gods of “medical science” is not the final judgment. Those priestly looking people in the long white coats are just human men and women, and are trained not to tell you words such as “we don’t know,” or “medicine doesn’t have the answer for that,” or “it’s in G-d’s hands now.” Instead they use such phrases as, “there’s nothing more that can be done,” and “there is no known cure.” After hearing this kind of language over and over it is understandable how you would come to believe their myopic, hopeless opinions.

Are all the wonders of the human body fully revealed by conventional, industrialized, medical practice? I think you know, deep down, they are not.

Using the the language of human healing potential

If you are OK with what we have covered so far, let’s go to the last concept I would like to share with you on this issue. Somehow, you were led to read the words on this page about receiving an answer to your prayers for healing; prayers that ask for speedy healing (“refuah shlema,” in Hebrew), or even a miracle cure. I believe that there is a reason for you having found this page. It was a one in a million chance. Does G-d ultimately work through the physical world, conserving the physical laws of the universe, to bring about the answers to a prayer for healing? Can something outside of chemical industrial medicine and high technology diagnostics reveal the wonders of the human body? e.g. by a healer in Los Angeles.

Holistic Method For Speedy Recovery

“Our job and our blessing is to discover and reveal, that which is hidden.” – Rabbi Simcha Weinberg

There is a thoughtful method that helps reveal insights to a practitioner trying to bring healing. However, there are reasons for never hearing about it before. Since it is not a “scalable business model,” there are no financial incentives for research. One of the tenets of this healing method is that the body’s healing potential is still there no matter how sick a person may be. What if  you were led somehow, to a person who can use these concepts in support of healing? Would you reflexively push away the possibility of healing, or would you allow it in, to help the needy person? I hope you can allow yourself some consideration of this kind of method to help the person receiving prayer’s answer.

Our healing method is for uncovering the questions we often have in our prayers for healing (for revealing how to get better). When the current medical model of disease management only leads us astray from the answers to healing, we must go outside of the medical language that says “the cause is unknown,” to a language of human healing potential. Your next step is to let that healing language in. It’s not about the diagnostic label. When the focus is on the healing potential, you can have a new, complementary alternative plan of action; one that you never knew about before you received the answer to your prayers for healing. New healing possibilities will open for you. Would that be an acceptable answer to your prayers for the ill?

Let our place of hope be yours too.

Answers to prayers for a return to health, or when praying for speedy recovery can come from anywhere. Let them in. My gift to a person who is on a misheberach list, or refuah shlema list (a “Refuah List”), or a prayer list (Tehillim list) for a return to health, is my commitment and certainty.

The prayers have brought you here. Being, or remaining a victim is no longer allowable. That was the past. Future costs are minimal. It doesn’t cost a lot to unblock one’s healing potential. Yet, it is some of the most important money we will ever spend; more important than a house, or car.

Our healing method is non-destructive, unlike some conventional approaches. It is integrative, comfortable, non-invasive, and doesn’t require stress, or a lot of time in our office. We’ll discuss more details at our free phone consultation. Sound OK? Just allow yourself to contact, or call me today to make an appointment.

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