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Why Cancer Research is Racing In The Wrong Direction

Why Cancer Research is Racing In The Wrong Direction

Why is safe treatment for cancer still out of reach, despite multi-billions in donations year after year to cancer research? Just like the telethons, where billions of dollars were donated to medical research, but the result was nothing for a cure. With cancer, each year we are promised that the cure is right around the corner, and that we just have to keep donating more because we're so close. Their promises have lost all credibility.

What good is all the "racing for the cure" when they keep racing in the same, wrong direction? A new breast cancer treatment? Really? Or is it just racing for the donations? The focus of cancer research is still the same as it has been for over 50 years: what drug would kill it the best? Nothing has changed. Did you know that the expression "for the cure," has been trademarked so that nobody else can use it? Isn't that because running for the cure, the race for the cure, walking for the cure, and present-day cancer treatment and cancer fundraising are such huge businesses?

Despite billions donated for cancer research, there is no safe treatment for cancer. Why? Because the cancer research dollars are continuously being misdirected to bogus, same-as-always pharmaceutical cancer treatment research. The direction of cancer research depends on the belief systems of the people controlling the cancer research money and grants, not on the wishes of the people donating money.

So, when you donate with hope, they control where the money is spent. They control where the money is spent. It never goes to any truly alternative cancer research. Alternative cancer research, for example into metabolic therapy, goes unfunded. Applications for Alternative cancer treatment grants are not granted.

"For-profit medicines are favored to almost the total exclusion of non-profit medicines" - Dr. Pierre Cory, M.D.

The basics of cancer research: Research always starts with a question to be answered, and ends with the results, but when it starts by asking the wrong questions about cancer, we get decades of the wrong research. Treat the wrong problem, get the wrong results. "What is the best drug for cancer?" That is the wrong question about cancer, and because no one is bold enough to ask the right question about cancer, all the research money goes in the wrong direction: misdirected money, without a care for the hopes and dreams of the afflicted.

"Chemotherapy and radiotherapy has become a very complex, highly sophisticated science, and perhaps the most advanced science in modern technology involving something that doesn't work." - Dr. Sam Chacoua, MD [...although with lymphomas and leukemias we've made advances]. "By and large, for cancers that are solid and have spread throughout the body, the ability of chemotherapy to extend lifespan, now, as opposed to 50 years ago, hasn't changed."

Imagine if there were a TV news story about people in Los Angeles who were dying, and at a press conference it was announced that they all had digestive tracts that were "not safe." Activists with the loudest yappers and just a little knowledge (a dangerous thing) would then demand that something be done! A new diagnostic term "HBOC," is coined by a drug company, who was already developing a new drug to treat this seemingly onerous condition. They would even get their new treatment "fast-track approved" by the FDA. All to no avail because the new treatment would kill people too, but the blame for those deaths would go to the "epidemic" levels of the onerous condition and the lack of availablility of the new treatment to keep-up with the demand. The blame for the deaths, however, would not go to the treatment itself. Bigger campaigns would get launched and cries for more treatments would be heard on TV. Why? Because "reports" say the problem is getting worse, and the answer could be right around the corner! Soon you would have the war on hereditary bowel onerous condition: "HBOC." Next: a race for the cure in a town near you.

So let me ask you: How do YOU keep your digestive tract safe? What is your answer? Are you taking the new treatment to keep your digestive tract safe? The correct answer is: "Wake up! That's the wrong question!" The original question is nonsense! The original concept (sanitarism) was brought to you at a press conference (not in a scientific paper) by a drug company with a product to sell. They harnessed the power of the "news" to sell the idea. But asking the wrong question over and over drives the momentum of the misinformation, especially through the hysterical news media, until even you believe it yourself.

Do you see how this works? There is no such thing as HBOC or whatever they want to call it. The treatment approach and the treatment were killing all those people. Wrong question, wrong focus, misguided research, wrong cures: cures that fail and cures that kill. (I originally wrote this in 2011. Surely you see how this type of scenario has already come to fruition, don't you?)

Now that you can see by example how this can take hold, let's get back to the original questions that no one seems to be able to answer, despite trillions of dollars of cancer research money. These questions always start with the idea: "What is the best way to destroy cancer?"

Destroying cancer with poisons is an old concept that largely hasn't worked! Over fifty years of misdirected cancer research has failed us because no one has challenged the initial flawed concept of poisoning cancer. It's time to wake up. Cancer research needs a new direction. We need alternative cancer research.

Domino Effect: Wrong question > Wrong cancer research > Wrong treatments > Terrible results

Now you know how cancer research and cancer treatment today are out of order. Very few people go for an alternative second opinion. Adjunctive cancer plans, or metabolic therapy are rare. A supportive alternative plan, or something like a naturopathic cancer treatment / complementary alternative integrative cancer plan is not mainstream. People are trapped in the three-sided conventional cancer treatment "box" of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Alternative Cancer Adjuncts to Treatment in Los Angeles?

Nobody but a cancer doctor can say that they "treat cancer," and we definitely don't "treat cancer" at my office, but this game of semantics is part of the problem. Can a patient be guided to do healthful things for impacting their level of health when they also have cancer? Call us today for a brief telephone consultation, or an appointment.