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260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Biofeedback Without Electronic Devices

Biofeedback Without Electronic Devices

There are many different forms of biofeedback in Los Angeles. In Beverly Hills, we have an innovative way to use a type of biofeedback method to help you take more control of your well-being and regain your health.

We know that biofeedback may not be thought of as your first option for health improvement, but it is safe to use when you are struggling to regain your health, or recover. If it has been a long time since you have felt like yourself, or felt normal, our innovative biofeedback may be your new hope.

Biofeedback Assessment

Most people think of biofeedback only in terms of wires with electrodes that attach to your body. The other main way you may think of biofeedback therapy is via listening to a sound that indicates something about your stress level. With these methods you would try to control something about your body, consciously, with your mind, that the biofeedback monitor is revealing. It's brain work. However, this is not the only type of biofeedback; is is just the stereotypical view of one type of biofeedback therapy.

There's a different way. We use an innovative and detailed biofeedback evaluation. There is no conscious controlling of your body in our method. It's a lot easier! There are no wires, or electrodes.

Our biofeedback is integrated into our physical evaluation, which makes our evaluation of your level-of-health different and more insightful than most other doctors. Your visit with us is not like going to just another doctor who will tell you the same things you have already heard.

We use our biofeedback evaluation as an indicator of your body's ability to handle its stressors (like the most common barriers to health), and as a compass to determine your best course of action, right now: in real-time, as you are being tested. Our goal is to help your body handle multiple environmental, or emotional stressors better, be more resilient, and regain your ability to recover more easily than before.

Biofeedback therapy can generally be used as a method to calm the nerves, or to lower anxiety, by conscious effort and developing a skill to call on your conscious effort at will. Although our application of biofeedback does not rely on training your conscious effort, it encompasses much more than those therapies because we use this method as an assessment tool, to investigate the core reasons your body reacts the way it does in the first place. We have a body-focused biofeedback-based system to help you.

Do You Feel Trapped By Your Body?

Many people who have had no success with chemical medicine systems consult with me and come under my care. Some are feeling broken by the conventional medical system, without any positive results to give them hope. But there is hope in using an alternative system. Our physical biofeedback assessment is a great alternative which shows what you need for additional support, helping you on many levels. Our methods are safe and non-invasive, and our innovative biofeedback method in Beverly Hills is detailed enough to help you where other examination and treatment systems have failed.

Our innovative biofeedback method is not about conscious mind control, it is about regaining your health and practicing better wellness actions and lifestyle choices. Our method is guided by your own body, using your own nervous system for our insight.

Regaining Your Health, Guided by Your Body

There are innovative systems of biofeedback that you never even knew would fall into the category of biofeedback. Our main biofeedback method is body-central, body-focused.

Our Biofeedback is Not the Treatment, it is The Assessment

The biofeedback is used throughout your physical evaluation. Because of this, our innovative biofeedback system in Beverly Hills can be more effective than you ever thought possible. The deep understanding of why your body is doing what it is doing can be just as important as a diagnosis. Our goal is to help you as much as we can.

Through our innovative biofeedback methods we will identify key actions you can take, such as using clinical nutrition, supporting your body's purification pathways, or helping emotional stressors to finish depending on the needs of your body. What we offer is totally non-invasive, and totally safe. It is not a treatment of the symptoms of disease, but it may help you in ways that you never thought were possible (beyond the limits of conventional treatments).

We determine which starting point would best work for your individual needs, and we build from there, empowering you enough to take back control of your own health. Contact us today.