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Beverly Hills Doctor Focuses on Your Healing Potential

Beverly Hills Doctor Focuses on Your Healing Potential

Your body has an amazing potential forbetter healing, better recovery from illness, and optimal heath, but if younever fully recovered from a minor injury, or you are not satisfied with your currentlevel of healthafter being sick, your ownhealing potentialandrecovery abilitymight not seem so good to you. Did your level of health decline into illness? Do you generally not recover well? Is recovering taking too long? Do you experience slow healing? How can you turn-on your healing potential to have a quicker recovery?

Is Your Healing Potential Intact?

Fact: You don't lose your health from getting sick.

First you lose your level of health, and then you get sick. Aside from some types of injuries, your health declines and then you get sick. You don't get sick if you are really well. Even after a minor injury, why would your body not rebound, repair, or not fully heal?

Generally, your level of health is lost without even knowing it, because there were no immediate symptoms to guide you in changing your lifestyle choices along the way. Most doctors in Los Angeles don't focus on healing, they focus on your symptoms instead. That strategy doesn't help you to keep your level of health higher. Doctors generally only treat established disease or injury; they don't directly help to rebuild, or increase your level of health, and ability to heal faster.

The Secret of Powerful Healing and Recovery

So how do we tap-in to your own amazing healing potential? With a stimulant? A drug? Surgery? Radiation? Hormone Replacement? No way!

As your doctor for better healing, our key is to examine, reveal, understand, and address what is blocking your amazing healing potential. This requires the special skills and leading-edge tools that are only available with a doctor using an integrative functional medicine and nutritional kinesiology approach. That's what we do for individuals like you. We investigate the weakest links to your level of health, and get a better understanding to unblock healing. Our step-by-step holistic method can help set your healing potential free.

That's very different than chasing after, and fighting, to stop your symptoms, which are your body's own warning signals. Remember, chronic symptoms and disease are a result of your healing potential being blocked at some level. Disease is not the cause, it is the result! Chronic disease does not cause itself. Under my care, we focus on the causes, not the symptoms.

When you let us help you to unblock your healing potential, the goal is to start healing and rebuilding your health again. Building health requires the building blocks for health, which are: clean water, wholesome food, restful sleep, powerful digestion, fresh air, maximum nervous system and brain function, physical activity, and loving relationships. Each of these are required for optimum health.

Beautiful Recovery to Better Health

The secret of beautiful health is to get the correct type of care, which requires an integrative chiropractic doctor trained in healing and functional medicine, so that you can attain your optimum healing potential. Everything else you do for your optimum health depends on your body's amazing potential for healing and repair. Be encouraged! Your health can be beautiful again. Start today. Isn't that something you deserve?

Contact Dr. Lieberman to get started. Unblock YOUR healing potential!