Early Detection and Treatment: Is It Prevention?

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Early Diagnosis Is Not Prevention

Dr Lieberman explores Earliest Prevention, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Conventional methods of early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment failed for an old friend, who,without early warning, died from a fatal heart attack. There was no early warning sign, or early warning signal before his heart failure. Conventional early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment did not give him any protection, or prevention of his fatal heart attack. Even though he was a doctor, with all the "preventive medicine" resources available to a medical doctor living in Beverly Hills, conventional early detaction failed him. He deserved better. Shouldn't you have a better choice?

Prevention: Because Early Detection Is Too Late

Do you still believe that early detection and early treatment are enough to prevent a heart attack, or prevent a chronic disease? Do you believe that the idea of early detection and early treatment with prescription drugs are the only choice for "prevention?" The big empty promise you are led to believe is that they work, but experience shows that they are clearly not enough. Early detection and early drug treatment fail as preventive medicine. For my old friend it is too late, but not for you. We have a better choice, an earlier prevention than the early detection and early treatment (medical management) of symptoms. This is your wake-up call.

Most people believe that routine blood tests, x-ray studies, and routine physical exams are the best early detection methods we have. Not true. They do not discover any truly early warning signs needed to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, a sudden, fatal heart attack, or cancer. The true early signs have to be detectable before disease is already established; before it can be called disease. The conventional idea of early detection is to detect something already in a diseased state. That's why so many of us know someone who suddenly died from a heart attack, despite all these deceptively comforting medical tests believed to be preventive "early detection." These tests don't detect anything until it is already diseased. So, by definition, early detection of disease does not prevent disease.

The following fact may be unsettling, but it is a fact we must face. FACT: "early diagnosis" in conventional medicine, and so-called "early detection," and "prevention" are not early enough. Current early detection statistics show that we have a problem. We need to take a preventive course of action to get preventive medicine solutions that are better than today's failing "early detection."
"The lack of sufficiently delicate methods to detect injury before symptoms appear is one of the great unsolved problems in medicine."
— Rachel Carson, author, Silent Spring (1962)
Outdated myths of lowering cholesterol levels, lowly blood pressure tests, and other more expensive high-tech medical tests still do not adequately predict who will have a fatal heart attack. They fail as early warning signs. They fail for true prevention. By limiting yourself to these conventional medical tests, you can’t tell who could have a sudden, fatal heart attack as a first symptom.

Likewise, mammography, year after year is not a safe, or adequate way to show who has a pre-developing stage of breast cancer. By the time breast cancer is even detectable in a mammogram, the disease process of cancer has been developing for as much as five to ten years! That’s not an acceptable "early warning" by my standards, and I hope you will not accept these failed methods of "early diagnosis," or so called "early detection" of cancer either. We can do better.

The fundamental problem with searching for disease, as a method of "early warning" is that the disease must already be present before the search can show anything. The disease must already be established in order for it to be detected. For any physical changes to appear on a very insensitive medium such as x-rays (mammography included), the disease process would have already had to develop over the course of many years! UNACCEPTABLE!

Early Detection, Early Diagnosis, and Early Treatment Fail as Prevention.

You can only have true prevention when your starting point is before disease!
What comes before disease? That's what we need to detect. This is your key to finally change the miserable status quo of early detection. It requires a holistic method of analysis performed by an integrative chiropractor—the right kind of doctor to reveal your body’s true pre-disease state. Imagine your integrative chiropractor using this non-invasive method to evaluate your level of optimum health, instead of just ruling-out established disease, for optimization and true prevention, far before disease were to develop; if only that were possible…

Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible! Now, don’t go and ask the same doctors who have failed all these years, to comment about this method. They know nothing about this idea of checking for the pre-disease state. Don't ask them and believe their unqualified answers when they say it is impossible and that you can't do such a thing. Why not? Because those doctors don’t know what they have never been taught, and are therefore unqualified to give you an expert opinion. If they knew how to do this already, the current unacceptable state of "early detection." would not be so dreadful.

The answer for true early detection is not to be found in the study of disease, because in true early detection there would not yet be any development of disease —no tumor masses yet to see on x-ray or mammography, no "early stage" degenerative changes yet, no diagnosis yet—only some, as yet, undefined deviation from optimal health: a pre-disease status. Shouldn't prevention mean preventing disease, and not just attempting to prevent complications from established disease?

What if this undefined state of wellness stress were detectable with consistent and repeatable scientific kinesiology? In Beverly Hills, California (Los Angeles) our method is to check for where optimum health is stressed. We're not just checking for a lack of disease. I have also started using an early detection test for cancer, called IvyGene®, which can detect cancer cell bundles as small as a pin head; pre tumor.

This is the path to true prevention of disease, and it is far superior to the idea of "early diagnosis." It can help you much earlier than conventional, false, "early detection." Our method is comfortable, non-invasive, and engages the most sensitive thing we know-of on this planet: your own nervous system and its responses. Our method gives clear, consistent results for revealing the hidden signs that you need for true prevention—those signs that show an undefined deviation from optimal wellness; way, way before established disease first shows-up. That's what you want.

Remember, conventional "early detection" is false security. It is not early enough! It fails, daily. Don't just wait for the symptoms of established disease (still considered "early warning" signs) that eventually would show-up in conventional medical tests. That whole system fails as prevention, but at my office in Beverly Hills, we can clearly uncover the previously undetectable, early warning signs for you today; earlier, before they develop into a definable disease, or even early death.
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