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Options for Sciatica Treatment, Beverly Hills

Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN, Sciatica Expert, Beverly HillsSciatica is a description of a symptom. It's name means that there is pain related to the sciatic nerve in your back that goes into the buttocks and the back of your thigh.

In Los Angeles, anyone with sciatica, back pain, and neck pain, has an 80% chance of overlooked nerve-to-muscle malfunction that very few sciatica doctors will address—an underlying condition that leads-up to the back pain, neck pain or sciatica.

Without the additional neck pain, the chances of the nerve-to-muscle malfunction are only marginally less. The underlying condition happens before sciatica and back pain would ever be noticed as pain. The malfunctions include all the unique, numerous compensations by your body that brought you to your present condition: unbearable sciatic nerve pain. Unfortunately, extremely few back pain doctors or sciatica specialists in Los Angeles even know how to evaluate for these neuro-muscular compensations at the core of causing your condition.

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treat the symptom by trying to kill it, cut it with sciatica surgery, or block it with some very powerful chemical agents like narcotics, steroids, opioids that create addiction, and nerve block injections such as an epidural (putting a needle into your spine and shooting a chemical agent into the spine).

None of the doctors administering those types of sciatica treatments care about the underlying compensations that started before the pain, causing the sciatica, because it doesn't change their treatment of the sciatica symptom. So, unfortunately, that which brought about your pain in the first place is not even considered by conventional pain-management doctors. Their claim is that you could get some immediate relief from their quick-fix, invasive and higher-risk sciatica treatments, but remember, there is never a guarantee that the relief from those quick fixes will ever be permanent.

Chronic Sciatica Pain

Pain lasting more than 3 months is considered chronic pain, If you don't want to go the narcotic/opioid/surgical-procedure route, then listen up. Your underlying condition needs to be evaluated and addressed by a chiropractor who knows how to do functional neurology and kinesiology testing (often mislabeled as "muscle testing"). The core of your condition—your own unique altered physiology which caused your sciatica in the first place—must be addressed. Otherwise, sciatic treatment will only be for temporary relief. The natural chiropractic model is not to kill pain, but to correct the function of the neuro-muscular malfunctions, and undo the reasons your sciatica came about in the first place.

So do you want the false promise of the quick fix of an epidural (a surgical procedure) or do you want to stay far away from narcotic drugs and prevent the opioid crisis from affecting you? Which do you want? If you want the epidural, read every word of the "informed consent" document they want you to sign before they prep you for the surgical procedure. What is the risk of serious bodily harm (stroke or death) from that epidural? Anybody in their right mind, who doesn't have some hidden agenda, would choose the natural, non-invasive way first.

Our investigation into the causes of your sciatica will reveal those things holding back your own healing potential. It's safe and gentle, just what you needed for lasting pain relief.

Last Resort for Sciatica Treatment Before Surgery

Do you have chronic sciatic pain for more than 3 months? Have you already tried steroids, for weeks at a time, narcotic drugs like Vicodin, addictive opioid drugs like Oxycontin? Are you going to give this "chiropractor and natural medicine approach" a "try" as your last hope before an epidural or back surgery?

First, let's make sure you're thinking clearly. If you think you are going to get some sort of immediate pain relief after 2 visits to a chiropractor, I've got news for you: It doesn't work that way. You're mixing-up 2 ideas. One is your attempt to kill pain with powerful chemical drugs. The other is the process of rebuilding your body at the chiropractor's. Those are completely different paths to take. One is an event, the other is a process. For the chiropractor to remove all your body's dysfunctional compensations that it has built-up over several months and possibly many years, and get your body to normally function again, it's never going to be a quick fix.
Your body is currently using a lot of effort to stop you in your tracks. It wants to remain unchanged. It's telling you to survive by not letting you move or do anything, and right now it is winning, by cutting off your life; cutting off your movement. Undoing all that is the opposite of temporarily cutting off the pain. Consider all the time you've already tried taking Prenisone and Vicodin. They were supposed to be quick fixes, but they didn't help you! You can not put a 2 visit time limit on the chiropractor.
Would you quit like this because of a personal narrative that you want others to believe? So that you could say "see, I've done everything. I even went to the chiropractor." Well no, if you were to say that it would not be the truth. You would have not followed the chiropractor's advice. It would be as if you never honestly "tried the chiropractor," because you didn't even follow his directions. If this is what you would plan to do, don't call my office. You cannot expect a 2 day cure. It is unrealistic. It is irrational. It is a total waste of the chiropractor's effort. By doing this, you would outsmart your own chance of healing and sabotage your own chance for recovery.
Your Choice
Finding a
chronic pain specialist
deep within the bowels of a Los Angeles sciatica and pain management clinic will not help the causes leading to your sciatica or back pain. Our unique and comfortable holistic testing method is available in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. and does not require stress, needles, electric shocks, or any muscle strain. It is totally non-invasive, and does not increase your pain.

So it's your choice: get to the root causes of chronic sciatica, like we do in Beverly Hills, or block and cover up the pain until your next crisis. It's one or the other.
The key for lasting pain relief is the right holistic chiropractor to unblock your healing potential. Call us to experience our powerful method. Allow your own healing potential to re-ignite within you, and set you free of pain.
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