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Welcome to Functional Nutrition: The Information Gathering Day

Nutrition Response Testing: Your Initial Experience

Your initial integrative exam with Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN is an information gathering day. This crucial step in your care distinguishes him from any other natural doctor, nutritionist in Beverly Hills, or holistic nutritionist in Los Angeles, and is the foundation and starting point for your path to an improved level of health. Before you arrive, you will receive your initial questionnaire by email. Easily click in the document to complete, then print and bring it with you to start your functional holistic nutrition analysis without delay.
Please note: if you cannot print your questionnaire, you must contact the doctor and arrive 30 minutes before your set appointment time.

Nutrition Response Testing

, Dr. Lieberman can more effectively help you to unblock your healing potential. People who follow Dr. Lieberman's directions are able to get back on track, regain and keep their health, and empower their optimal health more easily than ever before. That's the whole purpose! The more you understand and follow his integrative approach, the more you can reach the health goals that you really want.
Dr. Lieberman's method using Nutrition Response Testing is more refined than conventional muscle testing kinesiology. To better understand the principles of doctor Lieberman’s holistic nutritional testing analysis—and his unique and scientific approach, view the Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) holistic method explanation.    Please Note: Dr. Lieberman is one of the very few doctors in Los Angeles who have truly mastered Nutrition Response Testing. He is a master in chiropractic

functional nutrition

and body systems analysis, which opens new possibilities to empower your health, in ways that you may have never thought were possible.
After you give your authorization, Dr. Lieberman will physically analyze your present state of health: a detailed, integrative, neurological and functional nutrition exam, using Nutrition Response Testing, and physical performance assessments through chiropractic applied kinesiology.

Your Integrative, Functional, Holistic Nutrition Response Testing Analysis:

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Your Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) analysis is where we clinically determine your exact initial functional nutrition, homeopathic, or chiropractic needs. This is a comfortable, easy to do, non-invasive, whole body, integrative chiropractic, physical type of exam. Our detailed exam is what distinguishes us from any other nutritionist in Beverly Hills, or any other Los Angeles chiropractor. What is the reaction when your body comes in contact with any of the most common health barriers? Your nutritional testing reveals when your health is green and growing, or if you need help. Whatever your current level of health, our task is to empower you.
After your nutrition response testing analysis is complete we will ask you to return to our office for your full explanation of findings. When you come back, at your second visit, Dr. Lieberman will have prepared a written report for you. If care is recommended for you, he will present you with your choices in that first half of your second visit. It is important that you return for your report, within 7 days of your first nutrition response testing visit. Most people are excited to start early. How about you?
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The information gathering day is not a therapeutic visit, nor a treatment time.

If we accept you as an integrative chiropractic patient using Nutrition Response Testing, your initial therapeutic visit will be on your second visit, after your report of initial NRT and chiropractic findings.
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