Halting Congestive Heart Failure

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Alternative to the Heart Treadmill Test

Dr Lieberman explores CHF alternatives
Did your doctor tell you he's sending you to get a stress test for your heart, a cardiac stress test, or a treadmill test? They may also call it a Stress ECG (electrocardiogram), Stress EKG, a CST, or an exercise stress test. That test takes a lot of time and effort. It's an old standard, but not the only way to evaluate your heart strength/resiliency. There's a much easier and more clinically productive method for evaluating the resiliency of your heart, or if your heart is failing when stressed. It takes about 3-5 seconds of minimal pressure over your chest cavity, right over your heart, and a clinical evaluation of subtle response-time changes related to the pressure over your heart.
Stage II heart failure is defined as "Patients with cardiac disease but without resulting limitations of physical activity. They are comfortable at rest. Ordinary physical activity results in fatigue, palpitation, dyspnea, or [angina] pain" (NY Heart Assoc, 1994).
This definition of heart failure focuses on the heart disease itself and not the person. It says that there are no "resulting limitations of physical activity" because of the disease, as long as the patient is at rest, which is totally misleading. When the patient wants to walk there is definitely a limit to activity—the patient gets out of breath fast. That's the limitation. When it gets hard to breathe it's called dyspnea. Getting out of breath is definitely a limit to ordinary physical activity when the patient wants to walk short distances, or more.

Natural Cures for Cardiac Insufficiency: Before Heart Failure

Cardiac Insufficiency is when the heart can't keep up with your body's demands, it's like heart weakness. However, a weak heart is treatable with clinical nutrition / functional medicine, and does not have to lead to congestive heart failure.
Heart Failure progression is not inevitable.
It is treatable with natural, clinical nutrition methods.
"Hawthorn has usefulness in congestive heart failure (CHF)" (Weihmayr and Ernst, 1996). "Rigorous clinical trials showed benefit concerning objective signs and subjective symptoms of Stage II NYHA congestive heart failure. No adverse drug reactions had been reported. The authors concluded that hawthorn is an effective and safe therapeutic alternative for CHF [congestive heart failure]."
Hawthorn is an effective and low-risk phyto-therapeutic form of treatment for patients with Stage II NYHA cardiac insufficiency (Weikl et al., 1996)*
"For your best shot at good quality of life, you should have a cardiologist who is willing to try complementary options." - Dr. Stephen Sinantra, Cardiologist
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Nutritional Interventions for Heart Failure

: "Three major pathologic pathways underlying heart failure symptoms have been identified: fluid overload, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Prior research has demonstrated that three nutrients-sodium, omega-3 fatty acids, and lycopene-can alter these pathologic pathways" Nurses know about nutrition intervention on symptom burden (edema, shortness of air, and fatigue) and they can make a difference using nutritional interventions for "health-related quality of life... or all-cause death"
It is not a dead-end street when you have a diagnosis of congestive heart failure or CHF. Mild stages of heart failure respond well to nutritional interventions. Quality of life can be significantly enhanced with the right commplementary options and you can prevent heart attack.
Alternatives for Congestive Heart Failure, Los Angeles
My practice in Beverly Hills is all about complementary options or natural cures. We use methods that are not known in the conventional, pharmaceutical model of care, including clinical nutrition and herbal medicine. If you are able to get to my office, then you are able to help your quality of life improve.
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