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Dr. Barry J. Lieberman, DC, ACN
Dr Lieberman, DC, ACN, Beverly Hills
Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C, A.C.N., is a known master in holistic functional medicine and clinical nutrition analysis using kinesiology. He has stunning accuracy in his clinical testing ability. Most other chiropractors, acupuncturists, medical doctors, homeopaths, or other types of practitioners have nowhere near the kind of talent and ability compared to Dr. Lieberman. Dr. Lieberman has an unfair advantage. So to other doctors, a comparison is just not fair!
Lots of doctors want to have the same kind of clinical ability to reveal the core of their patients' problems, but either are unaware of his method (strike one), are just not practiced enough (strike two), or are just not capable to master this type of art (strike three). Yes, the type of physical analysis method that Dr. Lieberman uses is an art, that's why Dr. Lieberman is just so incredible. He's a natural. He's like a da Vinci of the healing arts, and he has an unfair advantage compared to other doctors.
Dr. Lieberman says that instead of using a computer to check your body, which is limited by the power of the computer, he uses your own body as the computer, using a direct connection to reveal your body's own level of functioning. His focus is how to improve your body's core condition, instead of just how bad it is diseased, or just stopping the symptoms related to a disease. That's a huge difference compared to traditional western medicine. This is why it is so unfair to compare conventional medicine to doctor Lieberman's method.
Dr Lieberman uses a non-invasive testing method that can be easily misunderstood. It is commonly referred to as "muscle testing," but Dr. Lieberman says: "with my method it is not a test for the muscles at all, just as a blood test is not a test for the veins." His kinesiology tests, which he calls "intentional performance tests," are able to give great insight to the wellness secrets, hidden within your own body, so that your healing potential can be set free. It is your easiest path to natural wellness, and full lifestyle potential. Still Skeptical? Read: the step by step science of applied kinesiology
At a 2010 Los Angeles area seminar for professionals in the healing arts, he was described as "An Artisan." This description fits him well, as he is a true craftsman of the healing arts. Deep down, he is an artist, coming from a family of musicians and fine artists. He started playing the guitar when he was twelve years old, and quickly learned how to play by ear. In his teens he also taught himself how to play the drums and has played guitar and drums semi-professionally since then.
At another 2010 seminar, in the Los Angeles Airport area, Dr. Lieberman was asked to help perform tests on the other doctors in the room. When he was testing one chiropractor (who practices about an hour's drive from Dr. Lieberman's Beverly Hills location), the chiropractor, Dr. Ayers said: "I've never experienced anything like this before." Consider that even though Dr. Ayers had been "muscle tested" by hundreds of other practitioners before, to Dr. Lieberman he said: "You have such a light touch. It's scary how accurate this feels. I've never felt muscle testing like this before."
Dr. Mike Zalben, D.C. of Los Angeles California says of Dr. Barry Lieberman: "Dr Barry gets it, when others don't." Meaning that Dr. Lieberman is gifted at revealing the real underlying causes that you need to address when you are on a path to becoming well. He gets to the core issues; he "gets it." That's a great testimonial for Dr. Lieberman from one of his colleagues. It's no wonder that patient after patient, and other doctors are excited to be under his care. He really has the artisan's touch, and knows what he is doing.
Thousands of other doctors and acupuncturists know the potential power of the "muscle test," as an incredible tool to uncover the real issues that could be holding back your full wellness potential, yet most never get the results that Dr. Lieberman does. He is a hidden treasure, tucked away in his cozy, green, Beverly Hills office. So many people have no idea of the enormous healing potential that awaits them right around the corner from where they live or work. Chances are that even you, or your friend who needs his care have never heard of him before, and are missing the excitement of having better wellbeing. That's not fair!
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