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Brain-Fog Treatment: Having a Healthier Brain

Is there a doctor for brain-fog, or a doctor to help improve memory and brain performance? Is there a, brain-fog treatment, a doctor for a healthier brain? Can we improve forgetfulness or brain fatigue? Can you preserve memory, or prevent memory loss by going to a memory loss doctor/ memory doctor?
I met someone who needed help with her brain function. She had a struggle to find words. Her mental focus was poor. Her brain-fog needed help. She needed a healthier brain, and better brain function.memory doctor
Poor mental clarity, poor short-term memory and brain-fog are not just due to "aging," nor is it a necessary part of "the aging process" as most self-proclaimed "experts" want you to believe. A good functioning memory depends on a fully nourished, healthy brain and nervous system. Poor mental clarity, adult ADD, brain-fog, memory lapses, forgetfulness and "brain aging" are not necessarily pre-determined.
Memory function depends on a fully nourished, healthy brain and nervous system
There are two questions we should ask about low mental focus, losing memory, or a health condition leading to poor brain health and cognitive decline:
  1. Is this condition of low brain performance, being forgetful, or brain-fog, preventable?
  2. Even if already present, to some degree, is there anything we can do to preserve the memory we have, or can we prevent further memory loss?
The answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second question is also yes. However, the tools needed for such a positive outlook are not found within the current conventional "wait until you have a disease" model of industrialized medicine.
Most doctors do not know how to recognize the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other neurodegenerative disorders that cause cognitive decline, until it is too late, but even if they did, they wouldn't know how to prevent more cognitive decline with nutritional co-factors. The brain can develop postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) after anesthesia, but nobody considers anesthesia as a risk for the brain, and nobody has strategies to prevent POCD or any specific strategies to recover brain function after anesthesia, like we do in Beverly Hills. Even with brain disease such as PSP (progressive supra nuclear palsy), neurologists take no measures of prevention at the earliest stages of brain impairment.
For most people a former mild head trauma and mild concussion needs the treatment it never properly received, but in conventional memory care there is no specific strategy to reverse any long-term effects to your brain, and restore neurological function, to some degree. Generally, neurologists don't even know that restoring some level of brain function is possible; they don't even know the concussion is still influential. So, after a mild head trauma, the usual strategy when the brain-scan comes-out negative, is to watch and wait.
Your precious time is wasted in a fruitless strategy of watching and waiting.
Why do they wait and do nothing? Because the medical manuals (written decades ago) say there is currently "no known cause," so, there is also no concurrent investigation into the underlying causes, nor any preventive measures taken at this critical time.
Since the "specialists" have no helpful tools (chemical medicines or procedures) to use for memory loss prevention, they say there's nothing you can do either, except watch and wait (do nothing). But when they finally initiate treatment for brain disease, they use pharmaceuticals that clearly are not a cure and do not prevent progression of the brain's disease process. "Namenda" is even harmful! What good is that?
Conventional "memory care," is like hospice care: there's not much hope. The brain's condition can get worse. Feeling stuck and depressed are symptoms that could appear next. Why must we do nothing but wait, and by default, lose the opportunity and hope to prevent further brain degeneration and cognitive decline? Is there really nothing you can do as an alternative to memory care? Forgetfulness, mental confusion, or difficulty finding words don't need a useless label, like "pre-dementia," "early onset dementia," "younger onset dementia," or "pre-Alzheimer's," when the conventional treatment is to do nothing but hide symptoms, because there is no known "cause."
Hiding the symptoms does nothing to help brain function.
Calling it by one brain-centered diagnosis or another doesn't change the dismal results they expect from overly prescribed pharmaceutical treatment. They send you on your way to do nothing, or to take a useless and often harmful prescription of acute-care medicine; a poor, symptom-based tool for a clearly chronic condition. Their typical delayed approach is not benign. With any indication of brain neuro-inflammation, such as the so-called "mild cognitive impairment," you must act now!
Our first stumbling block is to recognize and acknowledge that brain symptoms,
no matter how mild, all stem from a process of neuro-degeneration,
to one degree or another.
brain The bottom-line question for you is: what can be done now, to slow the progression of brain degeneration and cognitive decline? Another way of asking this question is: What "tools" are accessible today, that can be used to help us to prevent brain decline, or losing memory? What are the tools we can use for brain and memory in preserving memory, or enhancing memory?

"Tools" are things that enable greater work progress.
What tools can we use for preventing or managing the spectrum of present-day brain-aging, forgetfulness, memory lapses, brain-fog, and similar memory loss and brain challenges related to early brain neuro-degeneration?

Doctor's Program for Memory Loss Prevention, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles:

Current research is booming with new strategies for short term memory loss prevention, but there is a huge problem with current research results. The problem is that these results won't find their way to your medicine cabinet for decades! Current medical practice always lags behind leading-edge research; even by as much as 50 years. So you've got to connect with someone who is learning the lessons of the current research, and has a system for applying the results with the tools that are accessible today. memory activation

What are these tools? They are concentrates of non-toxic co-factor compounds found throughout the present-day world. Properly using these co-factor compounds with the correct clinical guidance is the closest thing to using leading-edge research that you will ever find. These compounds are already available (that's why the researchers are already studying and testing them). The great advantage of clinically using these compounds is that they have no side effects like their pharmaceutical counterparts. They also do not have narrowly intended effects like drugs. They are not pharmaceuticals.
Our second stumbling block is to accept that the preventive solutions for better brain clarity, brain-fog, mental sluggishness and forgetfulness do not come from pharmaceuticals, nor the doctors who prescribe them.
You'll just have to accept that the solution to attention deficit, forgetfulness, memory lapses, brain-fog, and

cognitive decline

is not a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical one, but instead is already available as prepared complexes and concentrates, taken orally in liquid, tablet, capsule, and powder form1. This is called clinical nutrition.
"The evidence for non-pharmaceutical approaches to the behavior problems often seen in dementia is better than the evidence for anti-psychotics, and far better than for other classes of medication," - Helen C. Kales, M.D., head of the University of Michigan Program for Positive Aging at the University of Michigan Health System - investigator at the VA Center for Clinical Management Research. "The issue and the challenge is that our health care system has not incentivized training in alternatives to drug use..." - British Medical Journal, March 2015 (Published 02 March 2015)
Brain Anti-Aging: Prevent Brain Aging
You could use these prepared complexes now, within a doctor-guided clinical program for better brain function, and get the best aging brain prevention available now. You can have access to the results of leading-edge research, now: to use non-pharmaceutical, natural remedies for enhancing memory, and preventing memory loss, memory lapses, aging brain, forgetfulness, brain-fog and lower brain function.
Taking Ginkgo Forte Could Be A Good Starting Point For You
Now, we can combine these cutting-edge, researched, natural remedies clinically, with our system of physical testing. We clinically apply this system for our patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, as your own individually and clinically derived program; designed specifically for you. It includes follow-up with the doctor, and closely following your progress to maximize your results. Choose this combination —the latest solutions and a the proper clinical guidance— to optimize your quality of life.
Dr Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN optimal brain health expert los angeles
If you are in the greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills area Contact us to make an appointment. This is your natural choice to save your brain, your memory, and your life!
If you already have signs of brain neuro-inflammation, or neurodegeneration, DO NOT WAIT. Take action immediately. Our goal is not to prove that you have memory problems, our goal is to improve memory and prevent memory problems by helping your brain function better. Contact us for functional medicine today.
I hope this is helpful for you.
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