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Dr. Lieberman's unique holistic testing method provides a real-time snapshot of how your body's many systems are behaving within their own natural, interconnected environment. His examination addresses the complex interactions of the biosystems present in your own body: how one system affects another. By examining your body in its native, integrative, functioning state, he understands your body's needs, and your body's responses to common daily environmental exposures. Through his method, he identifies which functional medicine, or clinical nutrition combination supports a greater resilience and level of health for you, as a unique individual.
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Beverly Hills Holistic DoctorThis is a letter I once wrote to Mr. Steve Jobs. Now, I open it to you, the person seeking to add a holistic doctor in Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills to your team of doctors. When you seek deeper insight into your own condition, and what else can be done to help you, and to have a

more effective medical team

on your side (a doctor on your side):

Dear Steve,
I am a very dedicated holistic doctor in Los Angeles, (Beverly Hills, CA), and the finest in my specialty. Most people are unaware of my methodology in identifying and addressing the causation of illness and disease. However, by integrating my methodology into your

medical decision-making team

, we could more fully optimize your well-being and upgrade your body's operating system.
Even when under the care of the finest doctors in their respective specialties, as you have been, everyone knows that chemical medicine does not have all the answers. For those like yourself who expect excellence and demand thoroughness from your
medical team
, it becomes necessary to address any gaps, with a methodology outside of the limited paradigm of chemical medicine.
There is a lot of "artistic ability" necessary in my holistic approach, and most Los Angeles doctors would lose interest in pursuing this path simply because of the time required for mastery. Additionally, there is no incentive for pharmaceutical research since there are no pharmaceutical substances used in this methodology. These factors make it rare to find someone who is highly competent in performing this type of holistic approach. These factors are the sole reason why it is not in widespread use today.
My holistic approach acknowledges your brain and nervous system as the CPU of your body. Every function of your body is connected to your CPU, and it cannot be ignored. My approach is neurologically-central, using natural, functional medicine. I use only non-toxic natural medicines, addressing the entire body and its almost infinite connections to your CPU. We address your level of optimal functioning, as opposed to focusing on symptoms, or end-product disease.
A disease is only the end result of the underlying conditions that dispose a body to develop such a health challenge. I address the underlying conditions, which are different for every individual, and different, even for people who share the same diagnosis. We get to the core of the health challenges, and make the necessary corrections.
Even though you have been given various diagnoses of disease, the manifestation of disease is not the underlying cause of your condition. On the contrary, it is the underlying condition that leads to the development of disease.
When was the last time you de-fragmented and confirmed that there were no corrupt files left unaddressed? Please contact me so that we can complete your full optimization as soon as possible.Dr Barry Lieberman, DC, Los Angeles Holistic Doctor
In support of your health,
Dr. Barry J. Lieberman, D.C., ACN
260 S Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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