A Revealing Fact About the Reporting of a Virus vs a Disease

The network news made misleading reports about Disease-19 cases, again. They still don’t seem to understand the difference between the virus and the Disease. By not using the proper names accurately, the public is continuously misinformed.

News reporters and even some doctors and nurses in the ER or ICU make a subtle, but important oversight when they mix-up the names of the the virus and the Disease. The assumption is they are one and the same. This leads to a basic misunderstanding, and it makes it much more difficult to think rationally about what to do in your day-to-day life, let alone coming up with the proper and appropriate treatment solutions.

Most people do not know that the virus and the Disease are different things because of the way it is being reported as Disease-19 “Confirmed Cases.” No wonder everyone is confused and scared.

The Merck Manual, a standard reference textbook for doctors of all types, has specified a name for the virus and a name for the disease. The virus and the Disease-19 disease are NOT one and the same; they are different. This is very easy to misunderstand. The Merck Manual says “the virus is a novel coronavirus.” “CoronaVirus Disease 2019 [Disease-19]” is the name of the associated disease. “Co” is for Corona, “Vi” is for virus, “D” is for Disease.

This is important because valid science requires details, yet the current misrepresentation of scientific principles is rampant. In order to scientifically determine if something causes a disease, we use a basic scientific standard in biology (the study of life) called Koch’s Postulates. One of those basic standards essentially states the following:

The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the suspected disease-causing-agent is introduced into a healthy susceptible host [like injecting a lab mouse with a purified (suspected) virus].

So, if a person were to get the virus, but had never developed the disease, do you know what that would mean? After all the constant programming you have received via media outlets, could you ever let yourself even imagine the possibility that the virus alone does not cause the disease? Because that’s what it means. Subsequent research has supported this hypothesis.

According to Dr. Roger Seheult, MD, a leading teacher of doctors and nurses at MedCram.com, 80% of people who test positive for the virus have little or no symptoms. This means there was no development of the disease. Therefore, even though the coronavirus may be a necessary part of the disease process, you can NOT just assume the virus is the same as the disease, or that it is the sole cause of the disease, or that the the virus will always cause Disease-19 all on its own. Furthermore, this would mean there MUST be at least one other necessary co-factor for the manifestation of the Corona Disease (Disease-19); i.e., at least one -or possibly several other factors- that are absolutely necessary for anyone to eventually develop Disease-19.

You don’t catch a disease. You may catch a virus, but a disease has to develop, and that development may depend upon several factors. To report each person who tests positive for the RNA sequence resembling the virus as a “positive case” is irresponsible fear mongering, not accurate reporting.

Conflating and interchanging the “the virus” name with the “Disease-19 disease” name, is not only bad science (BS), but it is misguiding people to the true causes of the Disease-19 disease. This Disease-19 disease has potentially many simultaneous causative factors such as overlooked nutritional deficiency states often found in the elderly, like vitamin D deficiency, which happens to be very common. Subsequent research has supported this hypothesis, too.

Conflation is the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, opinions, etc., into one, often in error.

In logic, it is the practice of treating two distinct concepts as if they were one, which produces errors or misunderstandings.

The Merck Manual has named the virus and the disease as separate entities, but every day the network news was incorrectly conflating the virus and the disease, leading the public to believe the misleading assumption that the virus is the sole cause of Disease-19, and that if you have the virus, you also have the disease. Hundreds of thousands of people who have tested positive for the virus but had never developed Disease-19 can tell you this reporting is not accurate (that’s a nice way of saying it); and that there was no disease associated with the positive test result.

When people test positive for the “coronavirus” they are NOT testing positive for Disease-19. When the news media reports “Confirmed Cases” it is misinformation. “Positive non-diagnostic corona tests” or “possible exposures to coronavirus” would be a more accurate description of the test result, but then the news couldn’t push you into fear of death, could they? The nasal swab test does not confirm anything except a possibility of exposure. So what? You can’t scientifically conclude more than that from the results of the nasal swab test. The nasal tests are fundamentally flawed and not diagnostic, because the test results do not contain any quantitative (how much) information. Lets keep the terminology clear so we can better handle this without freaking-out from fear. The virus is not the disease.

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