Hope Is Real

Hope Is Real

You need full confidence

You must insist on full confidence

Only an open path to your solution exists

There is no room or time to doubt

The gift is coming to you

The change you need is being given to you

You must focus your mind on the manifestation of your solution.

Clear the way

And your dream is your reality

Open the path in your mind

Open the path in your feelings

Let it in

Love will manifest

There is only love

The love of God

A reminder that hope is real

A reminder that you are not alone

A reminder that you are always with Him

A reminder of your freedom.

Conserving the natural laws of the universe

The love is real


It is flowing in to you

The truth is the love

You only forget from time to time

Quiet your mind

You only see the light

You only hear the beautiful sound

The sound is in your hands

Stay focused

Your healing is your perfect reminder

You are the Stratocaster now

You are not alone

You are worthy

Tears of joy

Tears of love

Tears of connection

Love is everywhere

I am so thankful, I am so thankful, I am so thankful


Barry Lieberman