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260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Holistic Chiropractic

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A Method of Revealing The Weakest Link of Your Health

Dr. Barry Lieberman, Chiropractor, is a master, integrative, expert holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills. His goal is to identify and correct the many possible and most difficult components of your whole body's health puzzle. You could say he's a holistic internist.

As a holistic chiropractor, he addresses food allergies, toxic environmental exposures, nutritional, hormonal, or immune imbalances, emotional stress, and physical/structural/spinal imbalance, naturally and holistically, without toxic chemicals.


Your Level Of Health

Think of all your body parts as "link of a chain," and each "link" contributes to the "strength" of your overall health. For maximum strength of your overall health, wouldn't it make sense first to reveal your weakest link? The weakest link of a chain limits the overall strength of the entire chain. In other words, the weakest link of your health will limit your full healing and health potential, no matter what else you do!

Disease is an end-product of lost health.A diagnosis is the name of that end-product.


Empower Your Health

Before disease can manifest, a person loses their health - an ability to adapt to physiological demands. Disease is the end-result. So, a named disease cannot also be "the cause" of lost health. Disease is the end-product; it is the result.

The weakest links in the "chain of health" are the reasons health is lost in the first place. The most reliable way to empower your health is to address your weakest link first before anything else!

Individually Designed Clinical Nutrition

With Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), we observe a response by your body. Then, through a series of further tests, we determine what that response means. With NRT, we work to improve your body's true functions and healing potential. Unlike drug therapies - which force immediate reaction, our method requires time and effort on your part. If you quit early, you won't get the rewards, so why do you do it in the first place?

We use individually designed clinical nutrition:

● Individually designed: specifically for you.

● Clinical: not theoretical. Grounded in our results, from real patients, over many years.

● Nutrition: real food concentrates and whole extracts, including all the necessary building blocks enabling your body to repair itself.

table with healthy food such as salmon, shrimp, garlic, olives, olive oil, nuts, almonds, tomatoes, mint, peppers, etc.

Improve Your Health Naturally

Through observation and understanding, can come deep insight. We use that deep insight to help your level of health.