260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212


260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Holistic Chiropractic

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A Method of Revealing The Weakest Link of Your Health

Barry Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N., is a master, integrative, expert holistic Beverly Hills chiropractor. He aims to identify and correct the many possible and most difficult components of your whole body's health puzzle.

As a holistic chiropractor, he addresses food allergies, toxic environmental exposures, nutritional, hormonal, or immune imbalances, emotional stress, and physical/structural/spinal imbalance, naturally and holistically, without toxic chemicals. Dr. Lieberman uses various skills and tactics for each unique person to heal.


Levels of Links, Levels of Health

Think of all your body parts as "link of a chain," and each "link" contributes to the "strength" of your overall health. For maximum strength of your overall health, it makes sense to reveal your weakest link, which will determine your total healing and health potential.


Levels of Problems to Optimal Potential

Before disease can manifest, a person loses their health - an ability to adapt to physiological demands. Disease is the end result. The name of the disease cannot also be "the cause" of lost health. Disease is the end product.

His extensive holistic, alternative, and integrative medicine training has cultivated unique methods. He uses proactive measures to help his patients reach their highest potential in the clinic. Many skills make Dr. Lieberman proud to be a top-notch Beverly Hills chiropractor with over 30 years of experience. Request an appointment supporting your health and vitality now.

Improve Your Health Naturally

Dr. Lieberman will work to what you need the most. He can guide you to better levels of health.