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Clinical Nutritionist

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Why Applied Clinical Nutrition is not Just “Nutrition”

When you think of nutrition, you probably think of a diet and what you eat. Suppose you already eat a clean diet or a healthy diet. In that case, going to a clinical nutritionist to increase your health with nutrition usually gets blown over as something you do not need, a common misconception.


Applied Clinical Nutrition is a Lot More Than Just Diet

Nutrition is not just about diet alone. It is not about how many calories you eat at breakfast or being on a weight loss diet. Clinical nutrition is a specialty that uses clinical tests to discover the fine details of what your body needs to have a more optimal level of health. A clinical nutritionist is a specialist able to focus on helping your body's organs, tissues, and cells get the specific nutrition they need, even getting nutrition to parts of your body.

When medical doctors tell you nothing is wrong with you, even though you know something is not right, or they say they want to wait and watch while doing nothing, it is time to check in with a clinical nutritionist to use clinical nutrition, not just diet.


Clinical nutrition is about discovering the fine details of what your body needs to have a more optimal level of health. Every person who takes a chemical medicine approach needs the correct corresponding clinical nutrition support.


Holistic Chiropractors are the Best Clinic Nutritionists

Dr. Lieberman uses the best clinical nutrition as a Beverly Hills chiropractor with applied clinical nutrition in their practice. When you go to an integrative, holistic chiropractor, you see a doctor with training in his specialty of clinical nutrition. It is different from seeing a Beverly Hills nutritionist who will talk with you about how to eat. Instead, you see a nutritional doctor with many clinical tools to help you break out of where your health has settled.

Suppose you take any conventional prescriptions at all. In that case, you need an expert Beverly Hills clinical nutritionist to help you limit the side effects of drugs and gain the option to not rely on those toxic prescriptions as much as you have before. Every chemical medicine person needs the correct corresponding clinical nutrition support.

Your best choice for an applied clinical nutritionist is your holistic Beverly Hills chiropractic, which opens a whole new area of possibilities to improve your health.


Individually Designed Clinical Nutrition

With Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), we observe a response by your body. Then, through further tests, we determine what that response means. With NRT, we work to improve your true functions body and healing potential. Unlike drug therapies, which force immediate reaction, our method requires time and effort on your part. If you quit early, you will not get the rewards, so why do you do it in the first place?

We use individually designed clinical nutrition:
● Individually designed: specifically, for you.
● Clinical: not theoretical. Grounded in our results from real patients over many years.
● Nutrition: real food concentrates and whole extracts, including all the necessary building blocks enabling your body to repair itself.