260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212


260 S Beverly Dr., Suite 309, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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We Listen To Your Needs

Dr. Lieberman will guide you to what you need the most. Let him help you, and he will guide you to a better level of health.

Only an integrative chiropractor like Dr. Lieberman, comprehensively addresses the many possible hidden causes of your health concerns, as seen here.

We integrate all these key factors affecting your level of health:● Environmental.● Neuro-Emotional.● Brain, Spine & Nerve Supply.● Clinical Nutrition & Biochemistry.

Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N., Integrative Chiropractor, helps you to heal safely and naturally. He uses a holistic, integrative, functional medicine system. To address your core, specific needs—and he includes Functional Neurology for your brain.

Holistic Chiropractor

  • The goal is to identify and correct the many possible components of your whole body's health puzzle.

    Through observation and understanding, can come deep insight. We use that deep insight to help your level of health.

Natural Medicine

  • Whole plant medicine or herbal medicine contains a full spectrum of phytochemicals.

    Ours is a complete health-empowering program, including aspects of your body's structure, biochemistry, toxicity, and emotions, designed specifically for you.

Environmental Medicine

  • Ideally, you would want your allergist to consider environmental toxins.

    Please continue to the next step, and let us help you reach your allergy-free goals naturally. Contact us today to request your initial appointment.

Muscle Testing & Kinesiology

  • Our primary goal for you is to observe the neural control of your muscles.

    Dr. Lieberman is proud to be known as one of the very few doctors in Los Angeles and California who has mastered this evaluation method. We welcome you to call for your appointment.

Integrative Medicine

  • Your integrative chiropractor can help you choose the best choices to empower your lifestyle.

    Dr. Lieberman successfully identifies and corrects the most difficult component of spinal subluxations and their multiple causes!

Functional Medicine

  • Functional doctor's goal is to promote healthy growth and repair in your body.

    For Dr. Lieberman, uncovering the causes of your condition is more important than naming a group of symptoms as a disease.