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Dr. Lieberman is one of a kind, and is the best holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills. Holistic Chiropractor: kids and adults

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"Chiropractic is the philosophical construct, science and art of all natural things used to restore and maximize a person's innate healing and wellness potential! The focus is on healing."
                      — Dr. Barry Lieberman, Chiropractor.
"... the axial bones [spinal vertebrae] are as liable to be displaced by noxious substances which enter the system in our food and drink or by inhalation as they are by accident direct [trauma]." -DD Palmer the founder of Chiropractic

Beverly Hills Holistic Chiropracror
Dr. Barry Lieberman, Chiropractor, is a master, integrative,

expert holistic chiropractor

in Beverly Hills, serving greater Los Angeles. With his expert ability he can identify and correct the many possible and most difficult components of spinal, brain and body system compensations: all their multiple causes! As a holistic chiropractor he addresses food allergies, toxic environmental exposures, physical/structural imbalance, emotional stress, nutritional, hormonal, or immune imbalances: naturally, without any toxic chemicals.
beverly-driveDr. Lieberman has 30 Years in Practice!

Your Best Holistic Chiropractor Gets To the Causes, Not Just Symptoms

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