Food for Health vs. Drug for Disease

The Clear Differences Between Food and Drugs

Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN, optimum health expert, beverly hills
What is—by far—the most important thing you can put in your body to save your health, build your health and keep you well?
The answer is real food (water just keeps you alive). Yet we are constantly being indoctrinated with the idea that you can't eat certain foods because you are taking certain drugs. Let's go back to the basic initial question: What is the most important thing you can put in your body to save your health?

The most important thing you can put in your body is real food.
Drugs are not food.

What's more important, the drug being taken, or the person taking the drug?

When drugs become more important than food, the person gets compromised for the sake of how the drug is prescribed, and
you have an upside-down way of looking at health.

From this upside down concept of: drugs first, food last, we develop the following vicious cycle: wait for symptoms and disease—then take a drug—food doesn't really matter—take an additional drug when you lose more of your own health—repeat when more symptoms come.

We need to get back to common sense! We clearly need a better solution to this problematic way of viewing our own health. Our current model of "healthcare" which is really just "disease-care," is the "wait until you have a disease," model.

Only Food Can Give You Health.
Drugs Can ONLY Manage Symptoms.
Drugs are not Food! Toxicity is a property of drugs, not food. The body can't wait to get rid of drugs, and they must be removed from your body through your liver and kidneys. Drugs force a reaction in your body (they fit an acute-disease-care treatment model). Their purpose is narrow and meant to forcefully change (treat) a symptom, or a number related to a test result such as your cholesterol level. Drugs force a change.
Food never does that. Food, including natural medicine derived from food concentrates and whole plant extracts (whole plant medicine), is never a treatment for disease. It is a food, whose purpose is wide in nourishing your body. Wholesome food has no toxic residue. Your body doesn't dump-out nutrients, it uses them for repair and growth.
Caution: Food can't be health-giving if it is toxic with pesticides or herbicides.
Toxic Spinach could've been healthful if it were grown with Organic Standards
All pills are not equal.
If you would take real food, dry it at a low temperature and form it into the shape of a pill, it would still be real food.

Are all pills the same? Are all pills medicines? Let's be aware of the difference. Are common vitamin pills food? No, not at all. Commercial "vitamins," as you know them, are isolated pieces of things that were originally found in foods, but were separated, usually synthesized, and put into a pill. Commercial multi-vitamins are not food. The list of ingredients on the label resembles a bunch of chemical names. Can you eat a regular vitamin? No way! Why? because it is not made from food.

Whole food concentrates, however, are not isolated pieces of things; they are the whole food, dried and concentrated for convenient consumption. Did you know that the reason for taking a whole food as a concentrated pill is for convenience? Otherwise, you would need to store, prepare and eat it every day! All pills are not equal. Know the difference. Whole food supplements are not commercial multi-vitamins: they are food, and food supplements are not drugs.

Food Is Not A Drug,
And A Drug Is Not A Replacement For Real Food.

Consider this: A man has diabetes type II, caused by his diet. He gets drugs prescribed to treat the symptoms, which costs him a large portion of his paycheck. Since he has little money left to spend after buying the drugs, he buys the cheapest, processed and devitalized "food" he can find, which then perpetuates his type II diabetes (T2D), but he needs to reverse insulin resistance.

Imagine a person who has a symptom that is already getting better, but the doctor decides to increase the drug dosage because that's the way the drug is supposed to be prescribed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This doesn't make any sense, but is commonly done with antidepressants. Which is more important: the patient's wellbeing, or the drug the patient is taking? Ask your doctor!

"Let drugs be thy medicine?" That’s not acceptable for me, and I hope you will not accept this type of backwards medical system either.

The fundamental problem with patching-up disease by using drugs, is that you forget what builds health in the first place, and replace it with toxic, counterfeit substances.
This can only lead to counterfeit health!
What's even worse with this backwards paradigm of "curing disease," is that disease must already be present before you can even do anything! The disease process has to develop over the course of many years before there are any physical changes in your body. Not only that, but patching-up problems by using small amounts of potent toxins (drugs) never gets to the core reasons causing your health to decline.

Do you want that? I don't want that! Imagine a new natural medicine system where our focus is real wholesome food, food concentrates, and things that promote wellness and true prevention, instead of just drugs that hide and push away disease symptoms. If only that were possible…

Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible! The answer is not to be found in the common disease-care / disease management system that we have today, but in the new "functional medicine" system. Most people have no idea that this kind of care is even available. This holistic system is available today from your chiropractor who is an expert in Nutrition Response Testing (yours truly).

At my office in Beverly Hills, our method is to check for how to bring you to optimum health and well being; not for naming the depths of disease, or just accepting a lack of disease as being good enough. Food is not a drug, so you need to start with a different system of health promotion in order to ultimately let food be your natural medicine.

Our holistic method is comfortable and non-invasive. Its foundation is being able to use the most sensitive thing we know-of on this planet: the sensitivity and responses of your nervous system. Your nervous system is the most important central controlling system of your body—more important than your hormones. That's why the "neuroendocrine system" is named as it is: "neuro" is first, endocrine is second.

At my Beverly Hills office, we clearly reveal, and correct the hidden deviations from optimal health, with certainty, before they develop into something that could require a drug. Do you really want food to be your natural medicine? Call us today!

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