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Nutrition Response Testing

First Visit, includes:
consultation Detailed discussion of your health history
nutritional response testing Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing evaluation:
    An Initial, Extensive & Detailed Exam
includes and Includes first half of your 2nd visit, to understand your
    findings, what it means, and any initial recommendations
Second Visit, includes:
Review and Report of your Findings (as stated above), no additional charge (this is the first part of the 2nd visit).
Therapeutic Component of 2nd Visit (second part of 2nd visit)
   Clinically determining your optimal program of supplementation
   and Dietary Guidelines
If we do another recommended procedure at that time, (e.g. a spinal alignment) it is charged separately.
All subsequent visits generally Include:
follow-up Re-exam, and
nutritionist Therapeutic Component: Functional Medicine Plan:
   Clinically determining your optimal program of supplementation
   and Dietary/Lifestyle Guidelines
Itemized costs may include supplements (varies by individual need) nutritional blood tests or food allergy testing at lab cost
Extended visits: extra time (any visit lasting more than 40 min.) per each 20 minutes or part thereof   (face to face with the doctor)
or additional procedures which may include: reviewing lab results, checking additional supplements or foods that you may bring, or telephone consultations requiring clinical decision making.
nutritionist Review/Interpretation of Blood Test Results (2 or more pages):
   Comparison to Optimal Functional Ranges, as well as the
   conventional, wide Lab Ranges, with Functional Interpretation
      $60 (considered as extra time)

Chiropractic Spinal & Mind-Body Care

First visit: Free Consultation, and
Initial Detailed Exam* (spinal evaluation and nutrition response tests)

All Subsequent Visits:
chiropractic Detaied Evaluation at each visit, and Adjustment (Alignment)
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) or Allergy Clearing Technique
NET Revealing a Neuro-Emotional Complex, or Allergy
net Clearing the Neuro-Emotional Complex or Allergy
   with a spinal correction
best Analysis of the balance of your pelvis, lower limbs, and muscle
light-touch chiropractic “Light-Touch” Chiropractic technique/spinal/pelvic/nerve-tone
      correction (may be combined with other spinal techniques)
Applied Chiropractic Neurology:
Extended Neurology Exam and Treatment of Mild Post Concussion
(separate from other visit components)
There is a surcharge of $1 (when your total = $100 or less) or $2 (>$100) for each credit card transaction. Add $1 surcharge for keypad entry (card not swiped). Add $6-$9 for transactions needing internet access. Fee for any reimbursement: 2.5 %.

House Calls:

Initial visit as a new patient: $360. I do not recommend a house call as a routine thing.
Subsequent: $200+ Travel Time is included in extra time calculation. eg. if my travel time is 20 minutes round-trip, that visit would be 200+60.
Telemedicine (Telephone Consultations) or skype/facetime/zoom:
note: initial free phone consultation is to determine if we should be working together: it may be done though email contact or brief phone consultation (15 min. or less). After our initial free consultation you will receive your initial detailed questionnaire to complete and send back. With that, you should also send any relevant lab test results if you have already had lab tests.

Detailed history and review of symptoms (via phone or skype): to develop a full understanding of your individual condition and to develop your recommendations. May include recommendations for any additional lab tests and generally will include initial recommendations regarding supplementation and diet: $300

Subsequent telephone consultations: $110 (generally 35 minutes or less)

Supplementation and shipping charges are separate from consultation time.
*for payment at time of service only, a discount from our customary fees.
Call: 310-282-8882
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Flexible Payment Options:
1. We accept checks, credit cards, Flex-Pay, Flexible Spending, HSA, debit and cash
2. Prepayment Savings option
3. An easy monthly payment plan!
4. Auto Debit or
5. Help to use your insurance

It's your choice.

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A comparison of other service charges:

1. akamsroberts wrote: We have a more holistic doctor ... Just to become a new patient it is $800 to start with, then each visit is $340 after that. We live in a very rural poverty-stricken area so for most people this isn't an option.

2. Visit to Los Angeles doctor for ear wax cleaning: $500

3. Initial Visit with a hormone replacement doctor in Los Angeles: $395

4. Follow-up visits, hormone replacement doctor: $295

5. Lawyer in L.A.:
  $275/hr, 3 hour min.
that's $68.75 for up to a 15 minute phone call

6. Computer Repair:
  $130 per hour

7. Dental Cleaning by
Dental Hygienist:$160

Call: 310-282-8882
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