Feeling stuck or lack of motivation is a type of depressive state, but let’s not label it as “depression.” Once a doctor starts playing with the “depression” diagnosis you run the risk of getting antidepressants to treat the symptoms. This is entirely not getting to the causes. When you feel stuck, or lack of motivation, or not wanting to do anything, you need a natural way out.

Your brain is a receiving station for all the different signals that come from the body. Your body is giving your brain certain signals that make you feel like doing nothing, or make you feel stuck. It’s your brain’s response to your body, it is not your brain causing the problem in the first place. When you feel like not doing anything, or feel stuck, your body is the problem, and your mind follows suit. Your way out is a holistic evaluation to find out what your body is lacking, or what else it needs. Just because you feel stuck it doesn’t mean that your brain is the cause of the problem.

How can a doctor know what is going on in your body that makes you feel this way? It requires looking at the whole thing; your whole body, not just parts. It requires a doctor who can look at your body holistically, not just looking at the symptom. Holistic means including all the parts, not just some. So your doctor must be a holistic specialist in order to examine you holistically, and holistically assess your condition.

Is it Depression?

The problem with the diagnosis of depression is that it doesn’t address the underlying causes. If the doctor only focuses on the symptom, the easiest way to change that symptom is with a temporarily acting drug. The drug (a small amount of a very powerful, toxic substance) would force your body to override that symptom. That toxic substance temporarily blocks the feeling, but you miss the whole reason it was there in the first place. Do you really want to brush it under the rug? Is leaving your underlying condition unchanged (except that you are no longer aware of how you feel) what you want?

Treating the symptom is a temporary measure. It’s for emergency cases. There’s a role for that. However, the problem is the way antidepressant drugs are prescribed. They are not prescribed for temporary use, and that is a big problem. Antidepressants and drugs like them are very often addictive. Once the addition takes hold, it becomes extremely difficult to get away from the addictive antidepressant drugs.

Is There A Solution For Feeling Stuck?

How do you define a solution? As long as it is not a one-time immediate “cure,” there are other options. For feeling stuck or having lack of motivation there are many natural answers. If you are  able to appreciate that rebuilding deficiencies of the body may take weeks or months, then you could say the answer is yes. There are natural remedies for feeling lack of motivation, and always feeling stuck.

Your first step could be taking a natural mineral supplement that is a foundational part of becoming un-stuck, called Min-Tran.

Evaluation for Lack of Motivation and Feeling Stuck

The primary thing you need to do is go to a holistic practitioner who can evaluate your specific condition. Getting to the possible causes of feeling stuck, and addressing the hidden biochemistry, neurology and emotional ties is the key. This is not psychology or psychiatry. This is an evaluation for a physical problem that affects your state of mind. We uncover the underlying problems via a detailed history and holistic physical exam. We address the underlying problems naturally, not with temporary-fix addictive drugs.

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