Why You Should Not Join FCPA

An open letter to Roderic Archer Lacy, MD DC, and all chiropractors who read the email blast (and many subsequent ones) from him and the FCPA (Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association) NOW also calling themselves the First Chiropractic Physician Association of America aka FCPAA urging free membership in their organization:

To Roderic Lacey, MD: Your email sales letter to chiropractors is misleading and evasive. Why not just be direct instead of hiding your agenda? You use deceitful words in your sales pitch like "expanded rights for all DCs" and "advanced rights," and "real primary care docs." Are you trying to trick more chiropractors into your warped idea of health via drugs? Just come out and say it. You think adding Oxycontin and opiate drugs to the chiropractic scope of practice is what chiropractors really need. That premise is idiotic.

You are not a practicing chiropractor. You are not even in America. You changed the name of your organization. Why? Bad Press? What a hoax!

Maybe your current belief is that chiropractic is spine-only, pain only, or useless when patients have real problems for which they need care, but in my practice, I don't have a limited scope like you do. Patients come to me when they have real problems that have failed treatment by drugs, and doctors like you who prescribe them.

Your assumption, based on your own current medical beliefs, is that prescription drugs are the panacea cure for your own self inflicted limited scope of practice, but in your email sales letter, you never say anything about contaminating our patients with toxins as the main purpose of your bogus orgainization: FCPAA. Instead you use trickery and deceipt; selling your message with words like "free" and "advanced." There is NOTHING advanced about using toxic drugs to hide symptoms.

I think you have never had a true conversation with a full-scope chiropractor. We ALREADY HAVE all the natural tools we need to have a full scope of practice, and they are far superior to the toxic pharmaceuticals you desire to persuade us (chiropractors) to prescribe. The tools I mention are those things that most medical practitioners, such as yourself, do not even understand. Unfortunately, most chiropractors also do not understand the natural tools we currenly have available, and you just want to take advantage of that fact and sucker those uninformed chiropractors into your own medical belief system, and idiodic association.

Medical practices, like yours, are becoming the dinosaurs of our age, just as the spine-only and pain-only chiropractors are. Your idea to broaden your own scope of practice as a chiropractor, even though you are a medical doctor, is grand, but, your extremely short-sighted, quick-fix solution—to do this by including drugs in chiropractic practice—is a travesty. It is idiotic. It is a quick-fix acute-care medication that is worthless for chronic conditions. It is a move to push us back to the medical dinosaurs, and to the ultimate colonization (just like bacteria) of pharmaceutical substances into all types of care; even the only ones currently defined as drugless.

If you were advertising your fringe extremist group (FCPA aka FCPAA), but without pursuing drugs, I could possibly be on your side, because the obvious answer to increasing a chiropractor's scope of patients and types of cases is to include natural functional medicine, which is already in our chiropractic scope of practice. You don't do it by chasing after the pharmaceutical trash that everyone else is running from (including those patients that are running from practices like yours to practices like mine), and it is not by becoming whores of big pharma.

You, Roderic Lacey, M.D., must know that your email message is misleading. You didn't include what your bogus organization really wants: "limited prescription rights and/or injectable rights." Why omit this? Come right out and make your statement at the beginning of your email blast, so that any clear-headed chiropractor can see your true colors from the start, and delete your nonsense plea into their spam folder.

If you want to be a "pain specialist" and inject people with drugs in the Dominican Republic, which is what you practice and where you practice, that's your choice. However, for me, I would get very bored with such a limited scope of practice like yours.

Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC
Los Angeles, California USA

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