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Finding a True Healer in Los Angeles
Is There a True Healer in Beverly Hills?

Dr Lieberman, DC, ACN a Natural Healer
When you are searching for a healer in Los Angeles, or a healer in Beverly Hills, you are looking for either a religious healer (a pastor/minister/ rabbi), or a chiropractic doctor.
Do you want a healer who can give you hope? Do you want a compassionate healer? Do you believe that his insights for treatments can be influenced by his heavenly connection? Do you expect the level of his connection to influence his ability to help you heal? Do you think the practice of healing is connected to the healing practitioner's spiritual thought and practice? Do you believe there should be a natural synergy between a healer's practice style and the scientific principles of healing?
What sets the enlightened chiropractor, or chiropractic healer apart from other practitioners who support healing? Doctors, healers, and all clinicians each have their own beliefs that guide their every-day clinical decision-making. Today, a doctor's clinical decisions are not as scientifically true or false as we might want to believe. Skilled, top healers would make different clinical decisions than conventional doctors, based on what they believe is the best for you. Your doctors' decisions are influenced by their core beliefs, not just the facts of your case. Even science itself is governed by core beliefs and bias. Any great healer in Los Angeles holds core beliefs. Doctors are just people following their own beliefs and they use their own treatments to act on those beliefs.

Shouldn't a Los Angeles Healer Believe What You Believe?

People rarely ask their doctor about spiritually congruent care, but you found this page out of millions of others, in search of a true healer in Los Angeles, a god-centered doctor, hope-centered care, an enlightened doctor, caring doctor, or a healer-doctor you can trust. You care about your doctor's core beliefs, and you want to find a spiritually friendly healer in Los Angeles. I appreciate your quest to find a medical healer, rather than just another doctor because his spirituality, or connectedness affects his decisions about your treatment and care.
The Practice of Medicine is Steeped in its Own Beliefs.
Lots of Those Beliefs Are Based on "Non-Science"
To make this more simple, there are only two core beliefs that guide the decisions of doctors:
Core Belief #I: Whatever your symptoms are, you have them because your body is simply incapable of managing on its own. Therefore, you would need to take a drug (a toxin) for the rest of your life, or you would need surgery, radiation, or a combination of those treatments.
Or, Core Belief #2: Whatever your health compromise is, it is because your body has become inhibited, or blocked at some level from expressing its natural full healing potential.
The above two beliefs are complete opposites. Your treatment will ultimately be based on one of those underlying beliefs in every doctor. If you fully understand the difference between the above two belief systems, you will know that some combination of both doesn't make any sense. One belief is not more scientific than the other, and one is not necessarily more miraculous, but using either will produce completely different diagnostic work-ups and treatment approaches. Which Do You Want In Your Doctor?
Hope is never lost, unless you believe in a doctor who has lost hope.
A true healer must first determine the causes—where there is sub-optimal function—and determine why. Healing is all about the causes, not about the numbing of symptoms. It is not magic or miraculous. It is about the healer seeing the connection of mind and body. The healer discovers how to help your body recover its natural healing potential by supporting your body's natural functions, without ever using toxins or poisons.
If you want "Belief #1," as stated above, you are seeking a medical doctor's (MD) care.
If you connect with the second (Core Belief #2), and you want that in your own doctor, then you match with my own belief system (I practice in Beverly Hills, and serve greater Los Angeles).

Who Does The Healing?

Now, this is the most important part:
Who is a true healer?
A true healer in Los Angeles knows that healing happens, but it is not the doctor that does the healing. The best healer practitioner knows that drugs are not the healer, so the inclusion of drug prescriptions in a doctor's practice is clearly not the defining factor for you to choose the type of healer you want on your side. A true healer knows where your healing potential comes from. The healer knows how to bring that healing potential up, so that your body, mind and spirit can do its healing. When a person calls himself a healer, it is misguided. The doctor is not the healer! It is the patient who becomes the healer, guided by the right healer-doctor.
The science of kinesiology focuses on correcting underlying causes instead of stopping overlying symptoms.
The beliefs of the Los Angeles doctor-healer or healer-doctor you've been seeking are synergistic with my own, and are integral in the chiropractic philosophical construct of innate intelligence. I am a full-scope integrative chiropractor.
Now you know the true difference between a medical doctor and a doctor such as myself: a holistic integrative chiropractor. Now you can understand why the natural choice for the best healer in Los Angeles is an integrative chiropractor who is one of the best natural alternative doctors in Los Angeles. Healing uses science, it is not opposed to science. It is a natural choice (and yes, we can order blood tests when needed). Make your choice for your own needs.
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