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Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N.,

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, helps you to heal with safe, natural, health empowerment. He uses a unique, detailed, integrative examination method, and truly understands how to find the many root causes affecting your present level of health. He includes blood tests when needed, for further integrative evaluation. He empowers your lifestyle with his holistic, integrative, functional medicine system. As an integrative chiropractor, he integrates whole food nutrition, herbs, and integrative chiropractic techniques to address your core, specific needs—and with Applied Chiropractic Neurology that means from your brain, down to your feet.
This is not a "you pick what you want and the doctor follows your directions" kind of practice. Here, the doctor is the leader. Through his detailed kinesiology examination he gets great insight into what really needs attention about your underlying condition. He will choose what you best need. Let him help you, and he will guide you to a better level of health.
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Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments — Adults And Children
Your spine is your lifeline. Your nervous system literally controls your whole body’s functions from your brain, down. With many lifestyle activities, stress, environmental toxicity, etc., your spine can lose its optimal flexibility, causing brain and nervous system dysfunction with health issues in the associated organs and tissues of the body—a physical problem that requires correction by a truly holistic chiropractor; an integrative chiropractor.
Dr. Lieberman, an integrate chiropractor, includes structural chiropractic adjustments, “done by hand” when he finds that correcting this physical problem is necessary. He helps your spine return to a correct posture/position/flexibility—so the associated organ and tissue dysfunctions that had developed would no longer be a threat to your health.
"You don't lose your health because you get sick...
you get sick because you've lost your health."
-Dr. Barry J. Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N. 

Neuro-Emotional Technique

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Your brain changes in response to stressing cues, but after Neuro Emotional Technique is performed, your brain responds in a way that is no longer traumatic. A gentle tapping on the correct part of the spine can be used to release the accumulated energy from your autonomic nervous system, and the reactivity of the memory is changed. This fact is backed by current brain research using functional MRI.  From the research: "By reducing the brain’s reactivity to traumatic memories, the NET intervention appears to diminish distress associated with such recollections and improve emotional self-regulation."
Fortunately, you don't need to understand all the intricacies of how N.E.T. works, you just have to experience it, and it will work for you (backed by published research).
Dr. Lieberman's intergration of N.E.T. into your care is awesome! Neuro-Emotional-Technique is a chiropractic technique for addressing the remnants of emotional distress that might persist in your physical body. By assessing your muscle responses to semantic stimuli (words), he uses Neuro Emotional Technique to reveal where the distress comes from that would perpetuate dysfunction if it were left in its present state; even dysfunction leading to chronic disease or chronic sciatic pain.
Detailed Clinical Nutrition Analysis: We get results, even where others have failed!
Way beyond diet alone, Nutrition Response Testing℠ is an integrative holistic method that uses the different points on the surface of your body as a roadmap to reveal and optimize the level of health and natural function in each and every organ of your body. Dr. Lieberman uses Nutrition Response Testing to clinically uncover environmental factors, deficiencies, allergies and imbalances that could be affecting you, even on a subtle level. It is far more advanced than "early detection." Dr. Lieberman contacts specific body points with his hand., then he tests how successfully you can respond as you try to hold your arm or leg still (nutritional kinesiology). Ultimately, he is preventing problems, and promoting healing and wellness with totally natural medicine.
Unlike standard muscle testing, he tests your muscle performance timing, not your muscle strength. If the specific contacted point on your body is associated with stress, your nervous system will respond by directing energy toward the point being touched and away from your extended limb. So what appears to be "muscle testing" is really nerve-to-muscle response-time testing. Slower, delayed responses signify underlying dysfunction, and can reveal the root causes of your health problems. With Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Lieberman will identify which areas in your body are the most stressed, which areas need nutritional support first, and which foods help, or can hold you back in your pathway to health and lifestyle empowerment. Nutritional blood tests or food allergy tests are also available. We can discuss these at your 2nd visit.

Nutrition Response Testing

(different than standard muscle testing) is a non-invasive system of anaylzing the underlying causes of ill health, like environmental exposures. By testing your body's response to various whole food or clinical nutrition supplements that come in contact with your body, your body's subtle, but distinct response is used to determine exactly which functional medicine/natural medicine, whole food nutrition, homeopathic, whole herbal medicine, or integrative medicine—you need to correct the underlying causes of your health concerns. Even fat loss! Being one of the very few who have mastered this powerful method, Dr. Lieberman is able to help you and/or your children more accurately and in less time than any other nutritionist or any other Los Angeles integrative medicine doctor, or holistic chiropractor, in Beverly Hills.
Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique
(BEST): a nerve tone, or tonal technique
B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of your body. Used by an integrative chiropractor addressing nerve tone, B.E.S.T. has been researched at major universities, and is recognized as an effective healing science.
Stress can accumulate in the spinal cord, which ultimately sends signals to your muscles — especially the muscles that support your spine and pelvis. Past stress can affect your whole body, even though the original stressors are no longer present. Stress imbalance in the tone of the sympathetic part of the nervous system can lead to exhaustion of your body systems over time.

This “light touch” integrative, chiropractic nerve tone balancing technique helps nerves communicate and release the accumulated stress. It is widely used by the world's top alternative medicine and integrative practitioners like Dr. Lieberman, an integrative chiropractor, who address mind, body, memory energy fields.

Cranial Treatment for Mild Concussion (mild traumatic brain injury - mtbi) : Dr Lieberman is one of the few doctors who will address functional brain neurology via physical, functionally restorative techniques.
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Dr. Lieberman helps you to UnBlock Your Healing Potential™ by addressing root causes, not just symptoms. His patients experience health optimization and lifestyle empowerment with lasting results, all within a satisfying, realistic time frame. Telemedicine consultations also available.
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