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How Far Are You From Cancer?
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: According to the American Cancer Society 95% of cancers are NOT genetic. But the false belief that most cancers are genetically based is the reason why most people believe that they can not prevent cancer; it is also the reason why people accept today's dismal success-rate for conventional cancer treatment.
In general, cancer would have to develop over many years to eventually be diagnosed as cancer. All that time can be used productively by taking actions for cancer prevention, but is usually wasted without any cancer prevention strategy.
A sad fact is that a significant percentage of the people with a cancer diagnosis are killed by the cancer treatment itself. Why is this acceptable? The wait, then treat paradigm used by cancer doctors —waiting until it is diagnosable, followed by treating cancer— is still believed to be the only choice available. Cancer survivors (5 years of survival after cancer treatment, or just 1 year after lung cancer treatment) are considered to be heroes.
The "early detection" concept of cancer is focused on the wrong end of the disease development continuum. Waiting until the progressive disease process to have become bad enough that it can finally be diagnosed as cancer is the problem. Is it disease yet? It is treatable yet by chemo or radiation? Do you have cancer? If the answer to any of these is "no," the result would be the same: wait and watch until one of those answers is "yes." This is an obsolete "wait, then treat" road-map. Your entry point for any prevention intervention gets delayed until there already is an established disease. Can you understand how this is a huge problem?
Your entry-point for any prevention... gets delayed!
What we need is a measure of how far a person is from cancer, not how close. These are not the same thing. We can use unique blood tests; one called a serum nagalase test, another: the ivygene test (was the oncoblot test), and integrate other non-invasive alternative tests that we do in-office, to give us deep insight and guidance on the best prevention methods. Keeping cancer far away is far superior to, and not the same as conventionally waiting for cancer to be present, yet doing nothing until it appears.

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Steps to preventing cancer can be taken now, instead of waiting to see if you have cancer first. A structured, professionally guided, cancer prevention program is the key. Cancer prevention is not cancer treatment. Cancer prevention includes a group of lifestyle choices; keeping your body systems functioning at an optimally healthy level.
Your first obstacle is to stop believing the voice of your thoughts that you hear right now, telling you that none of this matters anyway, because cancer is genetic. That is just not true! Except for only 3 to 5% of all cancers, most cancers do not have a genetic cause. For those 5%, The American Cancer Society doesn't even use the word "genetic" Instead, they call it: "a strong familial component." NOT "genetic!" False beliefs are what lead to the unfortunate situation we have today: the wait for destructive cancer treatment.
Once you get past your own first obstacle, which is based on false beliefs about genetics and cancer, your next obstacle is to accept that the

prevention of cancer

is possible. Can you accept this idea? Can any of your friends and family? False beliefs have a very strong hold on people, and some here in Los Angeles would rather die than change their minds. Really! My advice to you is to depreciate and ignore their "nothing you can do" dogma. Most cancer is not genetic and it doesn't just come out of nowhere. Cancer prevention is possible. I hope you will be able to accept this concept, because it will help you to take control over your own health. So many people never give themselves this possibility, because they get stuck by those first two obstacles.
Epidemiological, clinical, and laboratory investigations provide rather convincing evidence that dietary habits can modify cancer risk. 1
Your third obstacle is to take the appropriate action: to do something based on this new possibility of taking control over your own health. This is not a do it yourself endeavor. Would you do it yourself if you had some other disease? Of course not. Accept the right professional guidance from someone who works with this and practices it daily. We can order your blood tests, including nagalase, holistically interpret the results, and address what you need to have addressed; including many things that may have never even dawned upon you.
That's our role to

prevent cancer in Los Angeles

. It is not a treatment for cancer in Beverly Hills. It is not a treatment for a diagnosable disease. Instead, it is a measure of optimal function, and the steps you need to take for optimal function to be more present in your own body systems. This is possible because cancer is not caused by genetics in the overwhelming majority of cases. An optimal functioning body does not develop progressive cancer.
Now you have a choice. To prevent cancer in the first place, with a professionally guided cancer prevention program, you are invited to contact us today. Start your own path to cancer prevention, and living in a state of higher well being.
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1 Preventive Nutrition-The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals 3rd ed - A. Bendich, et al., (Humana, 2005) part II Cancer Prevention
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