How hot are your breasts? Find out with breast thermography. We will refer you for a safe & non-invasive breast screening.

Dr. Mercola discusses the benefits and strengths of Breast Thermography and thermography for other parts of the body.

  • 100% safe & non-invasive infra-red imaging = No Radiation!
  • See indications of breast disease 8-10 years earlier than mammography.
  • Safe & effective screening for dense breasts & breasts with implants.
  • Breast thermography can show if a lump is benign or not without biopsy.
  • Where Mammograms are inconclusive, Thermography may be conclusive.
  • Thermal images are read only by certified Thermologist Doctors.

You could do thermography over and over and it will never hurt you like mammography.Infrared Thermography Has No Side Effects, but Mammograms are Direct Radiation.Remember Radiation Exposure is Cumulative.

Breast Thermography shows changes in metabolic rate: changes related to underlying energy, before structural changes happen in the tissue.

In that way, breast thermography is much better at detecting early changes in the breast tissue than conventional, invasive mammography exams.

What will you Do AFTER your Thermography? Anything Different?

Please note that before disease can ever appear on conventional imaging tests like x-ray, mammography, CT scan, or MRI, the underlying physiology has to change first; before structural changes become visible. But there’s a way to get insight about the physiology, before it shows-up in an image.

One way is via a temperature scan of the skin, like in breast thermography. However, we have an additional non-invasive method by way of using nutritional kinesiology. It’s like a real-time full body scan, without the image: a way to get insight about your physiology, before it shows-up in an image. We use this method daily in Beverly Hills.

Getting checked this way is very different than an imaging study, but it is also very easy. Our integrative, holistic, full body evaluation using kinesiology is a wonderful alternative to other methods of how to know what you need to do NOW to improve your health NOW. It reveals if your body systems are operating less than optimally, and helps us to know what could help you. The purpose is to detect subtle changes way before there are changes in anatomy: the structure of the tissue that may be detected with conventional breast-imaging studies.

Thermography is one early way to detect this physiological change, before it becomes an anatomical change. Our integrative full body scan through kinesiology is a functional medicine method that, looks for subtle changes in physiology and can give us insight on the causes of the changes seen in breast thermography. Additionally, it helps us to know what to do, if there were any thermography findings: earlier than early detection. Contact us today.

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