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Beverly Hills chiropractor is in Beverly Hills, on Beverly Drive. He strives to be the best chiropractor in Beverly Hills. Dr. Lieberman, DC, ACN Integrative chiropractor helps kids and adultsHere's why:

The best chiropractors know how to help you

"Chiropractic is a construct of principles, science and art, of all things natural used to restore and maximize a person's innate healing and wellness potential!"
                      — Dr. Barry Lieberman, Chiropractor.

Chiropractic is about healing

Chiropractic is a unique discipline which emphasizes restoring the inherent, potential recuperative power of the body to heal from within, without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Lieberman helps healing happen by using integrative holistic methods and lifestyle modifications, while integrating the relationship of your brain, spine and nervous system with all functions of your body—a natural, whole body, integrative, holistic system.
Chiropractors start with understanding your health history to better address your needs, and may also include the following non-invasive diagnostics: feeling the spine by hand, kinesiology, muscle testing, reflexes and intentional responses, flexibility, stability, and biofeedback, balance and resilience testing.
A great chiropractor
can correctly evaluate and understand your specific needs. Then, he can make the right corrections that you need. Your integrative chiropractor can help you choose the best healthy choices to empower your lifestyle —instead of relying on medicines that only cover symptoms, as seen in crisis care and disease management.
Chiropractors make a correction of the spine with a Chiropractic Adjustment, or spinal alignment. This can be done in many different ways, including lightly touching the spine, using a directed movement with the vertebrae (spinal bones), or even tapping on the spine with a chiropractic tapping device called an activator. Dr. Lieberman uses a variety of gentle, integrative, holistic methods.
What is a Subluxation?
A "subluxation" [Sub-lux-ay`-shun] is a response by your body to when it is overwhelmed by either physical (mechanical), biochemical (environment, foods), or emotional stress. A malfunctioning vertebra (spinal bone) is the result of that reaction, and in itself, is associated with nerve irritation. Nerve irritation is the key. Reducing nerve irritation is the way we help you.
"the axial bones [spinal vertebrae] are as liable to be displaced by noxious substances which enter the system in our food and drink or by inhalation as they are by accident direct [trauma]." -DD Palmer the founder of Chiropractic
A subluxation (malfunctioning vertebra with associated nerve irritation) may have far-reaching effects throughout the rest of your body because your nervous system (well known as the master controlling system of the human body) reaches all of your body's organs and tissues. Since there is an intimate relationship between the nervous system and the spinal vertebrae, the subluxated, mal-functioning spinal vertebrae has a negative influence on your nerves and your body.

A subluxation (spinal malfunction) may be the result of multiple causes —but because it is present, it causes widespread problems and nerve irritation of its own. It must be identified and adjusted to reduce and eliminate its repercussions! Only the best chiropractors will also identify the causes of the subluxation. Dr. Lieberman is an integrative chiropractor.
"Chronically recurring subluxations are caused by an organ (or organs) with an energy problem. This is called a "viscero-somatic reflex." That energy problem is the result of poor nutrition or toxins, which have compromised the structural integrity of the organ."
One of the primary advantages of going to a chiropractor is reducing and eliminating your "subluxations." No other type of doctor or practitioner can correct a subluxation of the spine.
Dr Lieberman, DC, ACN Beverly Hills Integrative Chiropractor
Dr. Barry Lieberman, Chiropractor
, sets himself apart as a master, integrative, holistic Beverly Hills chiropractor serving greater Los Angeles, with his artisan ability to identify and correct the many possible causes of your spinal subluxations—to help you get back to, and keep your wellness. Dr. Lieberman —who is not just a spine doctor or a back pain doctor— successfully identifies and corrects the most difficult component of spinal subluxations, their multiple causes! The Best Chiropractors Get To the Causes, Not Just the Symptoms!

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