Have you seen any recent articles about additional options with cancer treatment? There’s usually an alternative cancer treatment article that pops-up every so often. I read another one in that category, titled “Curing cancer: Nobel laureate Hershko on whether it’s possible.” Are you also searching for alternatives to beat cancer? Could it include adding natural remedies to your cancer treatment? I hope my commentary about the Hershko article is helpful for you (excerpts from the article are in italics, below).

“There are thousands of different kinds of cancer, and just one kind, breast cancer, can be triggered by 15 different causes,” Hershko said.

You can easily misunderstand the above text when it is out of context. In such an article about “curing cancer,” it is difficult for the reporter to get all the useful details into the article. I’ll discuss this below, but first I wanted to discuss a brief meeting I had in 2012.

I Met With A Top Cancer Researcher, Here’s What I Learned:

a combination causes cancerWhen Professor Yoav Henis was in Los Angeles in 2012, on behalf of the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), I got a chance to ask him a few questions after his presentation. He is a brilliant man, and it was a unique opportunity for me to speak directly with a primary cancer researcher. He studies the mechanism of cancer neo-genesis; how cancer develops in the first place.

I told him that when I discuss cancer with my patients, I mention that like a combination lock, cancer needs more than one thing “out-of place” before it can be triggered. A combination lock has three numbers.Two are not enough to open it, and the combination has to be in the correct order. His reply was “exactly.” And he continued: “but in humans the minimum number would be 4 things. Mice can have 3 [things “out of place” for cancer to develop], but in humans it must be a minimum of 4.”

That’s an important, clarifying, and insight-producing statement. So, now, reviewing the Dr. Hershco interview article, I understand what was missing from the reporter’s words. My addition in bold, follows, after the quote:

Breast cancer can be triggered by 15 different causes,” but there must be at least 4 destructive factors present together for any of the triggers to manifest as cancer.

Four Simultaneous Destructive factors

4 things before cancerDo you understand this critical point? For a cell to become cancerous, there must be at least 4 destructive factors present. This is HUGE! Those 4 things could be irritation, toxic load, inflammation, and some other factor. In the Dr. Hershko article, he didn’t say breast cancer has 15 “causes,” he said it can be “triggered.” There’s a difference. A destructive condition must be present first. There still would have to be at least 3 other factors present for any additional trigger to manifest as cancer.

90% of Americans Believe Cancer is Caused by Cancer Genes (1) when, in fact, only 3-5% of Cancers are considered “strongly hereditary” (2)

Taking my conversation with Professor Henis further, I asked: if I were able to therapeutically decrease the toxic load of a patient through clinical nutrition, and if the toxic load were one of those 4 factors necessary for cancer to exist, would I be potentially helping the patient with cancer?

His answer: “Absolutely.”

To hear this straight from a top cancer researcher was inspiring to me. I see this as a true message of hope. Do you get my point? Maybe we don’t necessarily have to “cure,” or “kill” cancer. I will address this concept, below.

It was an honor to speak with Dr. Henis. I am thankful for the ICRF to have brought Professor Henis, of Tel-Aviv University, to Los Angeles in 2012.

Back to my commentary on the original article:

Hershko is quite skeptical of claims and expectations of a “cure” for cancer. To achieve that, he says, “We must remove every cancer cell in a patient’s body. If only one remains, it can grow and proliferate again.”

Understand Why You Have Additional Options with Cancer

When a reporter quotes a high level researcher, like Dr. Hershko, you may end-up with the reporter’s level of understanding instead of the researcher’s. The above statement about one cell producing cancer proliferation is strictly for the theoretical case of a “cancer treatment” doing all the killing of cancer cells, in a body that is already a cancer producing body, where all the necessary destructive factors for cancer (all 4 of them) are still present, without change. One cell does not cause cancer if it alone were present, unless all the destructive factors for cancer were still present.

However, when your body’s purification systems are not keeping up, your alternative doctor would just have to identify those systems. Then, he could re-establish the optimal functioning of those bio-transformation systems: the detoxification systems of your body (detoxication). Cancer support requires skilled professional assistance. Do-it-yourself protocols are never insightful enough, or comprehensive enough for alternative cancer treatment options. Never!

Deconstructing Cancer

If those compromised systems are at least one in the combination of at least 4 destructive factors that must be present for cancer to exist, then by reestablishing the optimal functioning of these systems, the body would have the potential to be tumor-free, or become tumor-free through its self regulatory systems. It wouldn’t matter if there were one cancer cell in the body when the body’s next step would be to neutralize that cell, by its own regulatory systems (a drug-free process).

The idea of killing cancer cells is the paradigm that has kept us decades behind in having real progress for cancer treatment. It is a 50 year old paradigm that largely doesn’t work, except for a few cancers like childhood leukemia, for which reaching remission is at least a 50/50 chance.

Additional Options with Cancer Treatments

Fifty years of mostly failed cancer treatments show how the conventional goal to kill cancer (cancer treatment) has failed us. After all this time, maybe, we can finally see that cancer need only be taken apart; not killed! We may consider the functional medicine approach I use for my patients to be like a metabolic therapy. It is a supportive addition, or “adjunct” to conventional or alternative cancer treatment.

In 1969, Hershko started his research on how the body cleanses itself of unneeded and malfunctioning proteins, but his work was largely ignored or dismissed for the next 10 years.

This is the key, and proteins may not be the only thing needing cleansing. If we never address even one of the 4 destructive factors necessary for a body to develop a tumor-producing-ability, a “cure” for cancer is a fallacy.

Healing Happens

“People just weren’t interested in my research; they didn’t realize how important it was,” he said.

Yes. If a detoxifying system of your body were compromised to some degree, or “blocked” to some degree, this must be professionally addressed. When your body gets the right support and you follow the right direction, you take a huge step forward toward deconstructing cancer. We could never call this a “cancer treatment.” But without that support and direction it is like running up a never ending hill; trying to artificially do the job the body should be able to do with the proper support and direction we can give.

This is great news! It is the brightest news you could ever hear about “natural remedies to enhance cancer treatments” because it says we can take apart the mechanisms that put cancer together in the first place. Furthermore, your potential for healing may benefit with an adjunct cancer program that includes natural remedies. Did you get that? It is not cancer treatment. A holistic, nutritional adjunct cancer plan has the potential to help you, and without huge expenses and without powerful drugs. This is huge!

Don’t think that you could do this all by yourself

There are alternative-thinking doctors who can see the bigger picture of your total level of health. I’m one of them. An adjunct nutritional system and holistic method are not ways of killing cancer cells at all; aka “cancer treatment.”

Adjunct care is a type of complementary care, to support better healing and recovery, and potentially help you reach remission. Could this be the answer to your prayers for speedy recovery?

If this makes sense to you, you should contact my office today (Los Angeles area, in Beverly Hills). But in advance of your call let’s make it doubly clear: Adjunct cancer support is not for killing cancer cells. It is not an alternative “cancer treatment.” It is also not passive care, and it requires your own effort to follow my directions and be successful.

Let’s get started! Make your appointment, below.

1. American Institute for Cancer Research 24 Dec 2010
2. American Cancer Society: Global Cancer Facts & Figures 2013

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