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Does alternative medicine work? Your answer depends on what you will be willing to do, and whether you would be disciplined enough to follow-through. Do you have to "believe" in alternative medicine in order for it to work? No, but you have to believe in any kind of medicine enough to follow the directions of the practitioner—the alternative medicine doctor, otherwise it will not work for you; alternative medicine or not.

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If you don't believe that any medicine will work, you won't take the medicine, and you will unwitingly "show the world" that it won't work for you. This is the reason why it might not work for you. Your own actions are the key. You have to follow the directions of an alternative medicine practitioner in order for it to work. The same requirement is true with any medicine.

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: You don't have to believe in alternative medicine in order for it to work. You just have to follow your specific directions as given by a licensed alternative medicine practitioner for long enough. If you didn't believe that alternative medicine could even work in the first place, you would do whatever you could to prove yourself right. At that point, it would be your own problem and you would just get in your own way of getting better. In the case of applied kinesiology methods, It doesn't matter if the science of kinesioogy in alternative medicine is solid. You would choose to do what you believe, whether it would kill yourself in the process, or help you to become well.
So you have a choice for yourself. If you don't want to believe that natural alternative medicine can even work, then you can either be right, or be well. You don't get both. Choose the path to being well. You can always be right about something else, later.Dr Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN, Alternative Medicine Expert
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