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Is there a "Natural Allergist" / Natural Allergy Testing?

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If you are looking for the best allergist–Los Angeles, or best allergist in Beverly Hills, there are some things you should consider: Will the allergist be testing for environmental toxins like lead or arsenic? Typically, food allergy testing, or food sensitivity testing, does not consider these metal toxins.
Will the allergist be checking for the root causes of symptoms mimicking allergies? Some root causes of "allergy" include: parasites, chemical intolerance, and adverse reactions to food that are not considered to be food allergies. If the allergist will not be checking for these, then you need an alternative to a conventional Los Angeles allergist.
Ideally, you would want your Los Angeles allergist to consider the environmental toxins that might be affecting you. Some "adverse reactions" are not considered to be a true allergy because they do not trigger certain parts of the immune system. Some people are allergic to weight loss, but it is more of an intolerance than an allergy. Many food intolerances are not considered to be true food allergies, but can give symptoms mimicking environmental allergies: like chronic fatigue, itching skin, acne, skin outbreaks, insomnia, forgetfulness, bloating after meals, IBS, indigestion, depression, dizziness and vertigo, headaches, asthma, or migraines.
What is the point of going to an allergist in Los Angeles or a Beverly Hills allergist who does not even consider some toxins most commonly found in the Los Angeles water supply? Do you think you are not exposed to those toxins because you drink filtered water? Any food you eat that has been processed with tap water will contain the toxins that contaminate the water supply.

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method is totally non-invasive and comfortable. Here in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, we have an effective holistic method of kinesiology testing to uncover the true causes of your allergies, or allergy-like symptoms. This unique applied kinesiology testing method is not a blood test. There are no needles. However, we may order specialized allergy blood tests for you after your second visit, such as the food allergy tests available through Cyrex Labs that can check for immune intolerance to foods, or cellular food sensitivity tests through ALCAT.

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Conventional blood tests and skin allergy testing can miss many things to which you are allergic. Kinesiology allergy testing—like we do, can be much more sensitive for you. That's why we always start with kinesiology testing first. The scope of allergies we address here in Beverly Hills is much wider than what is usually labeled as allergies. We check for the most common health barriers, some of which are not included in the tests a Los Angeles allergist performs.
What about
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? Will the allergist prescribe drugs that mask the allergy symptoms temporarily? People diagnosed with asthma are often given steroid inhalants when the doctors are running out of options in their limited tool box of pharmaceuticals. You can't stay on steroids for long without having long-term detrimental effects to your overall health. The same goes for allergy treatment medicines, which are toxins themselves. You need to get natural allergy treatment solutions.
Your alternative to chronic allergy treatment: What you need is a "natural allergist," if there were such a thing, or a Los Angeles allergist who would use nutrition and natural solutions. For supportive allergy care, our health optimization program is totally natural. It is an alternative to toxic anti-allergy treatment. We never use any drugs to cover-up your symptoms. Instead we may use nutritional purification methods to help you rebuild and repair your body.
After we discuss your concerns with you, you will know if you are with the best allergy doctor for your needs. Then, you can make your own decision to continue to the next step, and let us help you reach your allergy-free goals, naturally. Contact us today to request your initial appointment.
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