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Meet Barry Lieberman, D.C.

Holistic doctor Barry Lieberman

Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C., A.C.N.

Holistic Doctor in Beverly Hills

As a holistic doctor in Los Angeles, he investigates the multiple causes needing further attention. Holistic means he looks at your condition in the context of your whole body, not just a regional symptom. He uses clinical nutrition/functional medicine, homeopatic medicines, healthy lifestyle choices and chiropractic adjustments that fit your lifestyle.

He knows how to naturally, address important root causes such as: food sensitivities or environmental allergies, immune system challenges, toxicity, nutrient cofactor deficiencies, and lesser-known challenges affecting the nerve supply to your entire body: organs, muscles, and tissues.

He is a holistic doctor, natural doctor, and an expert in complementary alternative medicine. You could say he is a holistic nutritionist, or an applied clinical nutritionist (ACN), but he's much more than a nutritionist because he is an integrative chiropractor; a holistic chiropractor with over 30 years experience!

  • Education

    ● In December of 1987, Dr. Lieberman earned his doctorate from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, a division of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, which continues to have one of the finest chiropractic and alternative medicine curriculums in the world.

    ● He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and has done extensive postdoctoral study in applied clinical nutrition (ACN) and functional medicine.

    ● He is a member of the California Chiropractic Association.

  • His Medical Approach

    Dr. Barry Lieberman, D.C., ACN integrative chiropractor, is truly gifted in the healing arts, an independent thinker, and a master clinician. His passion is educating his patients and community about the true sources of health, wellness, ultimate performance, and longevity. He uses proactive measures to help his patients reach their highest wellness, performance, and lifestyle goals and is truly a great teacher of natural health empowerment. His public speaking topics include alternative health systems, anti-aging medicine, natural functional medicine, lifestyle choices for optimum living, weight loss, and particular issues like indigestion and chronic fatigue.

    Dr. Lieberman helps individuals by investigating root causes, not just symptoms. A large majority of his patients experience lasting results and natural health empowerment within a satisfying, realistic time frame. Experience how Dr. Lieberman is just so incredible with his holistic method in Beverly Hills. Follow his lead to empower your health and lifestyle.

  • Specialties

    You could describe Dr. Lieberman's specialties as being in these categories: ● natural functional medicine● holistic and alternative medicine● integrative medicine● holistic chiropractic● kinesiology● muscle testing ● muscle performance testing (not testing for muscle strength)● environmental medicine● allergy testing● ecological medicine● whole body healing● integrative immunotherapy● natural healing● naturopathic● homeopathic● herbal medicine (although for any individual, herbs or homeopathic remedies may not be used)● functional nutrition

"In Medicine, the symptom is treated as the problem. In Chiropractic, the symptom is just a clue to the real problem."

Barry J. Lieberman, D.C., ACN

Dr. Barry Lieberman often uses whole food natural remedies, including supplements from Standard Process® MediHerb and Apex Energetics as keys to creating your own personally designed holistic chiropractic and clinical nutrition, or purification program.

His unique holistic method has the goal of helping you unblock your healing potential, activate your peak performance potential, and empower your lifestyle. His mastery in natural functional medicine is due to his deep commitment to being the top holistic chiropractor in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

wooden table with chamomile flowers, glass jars with homeopathic drops and wooden spoons with vitamin pills
holistic chiropractor performing a muscle testing to a woman

What Makes Him Different

Dr. Lieberman says that instead of using a computer to check your body, which is limited by the computer's power, he uses your own body as the computer, obtaining a direct connection to get insight into your body's own level of functioning. He focuses on improving your body's core functions instead of just stopping the symptoms. That's a huge difference compared to traditional western medicine. This is why it is so unfair to compare conventional medicine to doctor Lieberman's method.

Non-Invasive Testing Method

Dr. Lieberman uses a non-invasive testing method that can be easily misunderstood. It is commonly referred to as "muscle testing," but Dr. Lieberman says: "With my method, it is not a test for the muscles at all, just as a blood test is not a test for the veins." His kinesiology tests, which he calls "intentional performance tests," can give great insight into the wellness secrets hidden within your own body so that your healing potential can be set free. It is your easiest path to natural wellness and full lifestyle potential.

Thousands of other doctors and acupuncturists know the potential power of the "muscle test" as an incredible tool to uncover issues that could be holding back your full wellness potential. Yet, only some get the results that Dr. Lieberman accomplishes. He is a hidden treasure, tucked away in his cozy, green Beverly Hills office. So many people have no idea of the enormous healing potential that awaits them right around the corner from where they live or work. Chances are that even you or your friend who needs his care have never heard of him before and are missing the opportunity to have better health. Well, that's not fair!

  • Click here to see his results on some seminars

    ● At a 2010 Los Angeles area seminar for professionals in the healing arts, he was described as "An artisan." This description fits him well, as he is a true craftsman of the healing arts.

    ● At another 2010 seminar in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Lieberman was asked to help perform applied kinesiology tests on the other doctors in the room. When he was testing one chiropractor (who practices about an hour's drive from Dr. Lieberman's Beverly Hills location), the chiropractor, Dr. Ayers, said: "I've never experienced anything like this before." Consider that even though Dr. Ayers had been "muscle tested" by hundreds of other practitioners before, to Dr. Lieberman, he said: "You have such a light touch. It's scary how accurate this feels. I've never felt muscle testing like this before."

    ● Dr. Mike Zalben, D.C. of Los Angeles, California, says of Dr. Barry Lieberman: "Dr. Barry gets it when others don't." Meaning that Dr. Lieberman is gifted at pinpointing potential underlying causes that need attention when you are on a path to becoming well. He gets to the core issues; he "gets it." That's a great testimonial for Dr. Lieberman from one of his colleagues. It's no wonder patient after patient, and other doctors are excited to be under his care. He really has the artisan's touch and knows what he is doing.